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Explorer Pro Handheld

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 SPECIAL SALE ON EXPLORER HANDHELD DIGITAL MICROSCOPES - less than half the price of exactly the same competing models!

These Explorer digital handheld microscopes are identical to the more expensive Mighty Scope - same factory, same software, lower price.

Variable magnification includes 10x-50x, 200x with integrated LED illumination, touch button image capture and software designed for first-time users as well as more sophisticated high school students.

Flexible and adaptable for use in viewing macro specimens such rocks, crystals, insects as well as micro structures such as blood cells on microscope slides. The Explorer Pro Series currently includes the following models.

Explorer Pro Series
Choose 1.3MP or 5.0MP resolution (SOLD OUT) with 10x-50, 200x
variable magnification and included LED illumination. 
Connects sesamlessly via USB to Mac or PC. Ideal 
for classrooms and home use.
Explorer WiFi
WOW! Connects up to three iOS
and/or Android mobile devices simultaneously

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