Omano OMTM85 Teaching Microscope Gift Package

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  • FREE Holiday Gift: 20x Jeweler's Loupe
  • Dual monocular teaching heads
  • 40x, 100x, 400x magnification
  • Choice of 4 Accessory packages
  • Halogen or Rechargeable LED illumination
  • Optional aluminum case
  • Professional 1.25N.A condenser
  • SAVE with optional mechanical slide holder
  • SAVE with optional 100x objective lens
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Recommended for K-12
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  • Omano OMTM85-XSP Gift Package
  • Omano Accessory Pack 1
  •  Omano Accessory Pack 2
  • Omano Accessory Pack 3
  • Omano OMTM85-XSP Gift Package aluminum case

Includes FREE Holiday Gift: 20x Jeweler's Loupe


This year, treat your young scientist to the Omano OMTM85 dual-monocular microscope with a choice of 4 useful Accessory gift packs. The OMTM-85 is unique in offering two angled monocular eyepieces that provide more comfortable viewing positions for both student and teacher. 40x, 100x and 400x standard magnifications with optional 1,000x . Purchase the 100x objective lens with the microscope for even greater savings. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


With two monocular oculars angled at a comfortable 45°, the OMTM-85 includes two WF10x/18mm eyepieces and three achromatic objective lenses that combine for magnification levels of 40x, 100x and 400x. An optional 100x objective is available at a significant discount when purchased at the same time.

Stage & Focus

A plain, flat top stage measures 117mm x 108mm with two slide clips. An optional mechanical slide holder is recommended and is also discounted when purchased with the microscope. Rack and pinion focus includes coaxial coarse/fine controls that are dual-sided for convenience. There is a rack stop and slip clutch to prevent inadvertent damage.

Condenser & illumination

The condenser is a professional Abbe 1.25 N.A with iris diaphragm and filter holder. Choose either 6V 12W halogen or rechargeable 3W LED Illumination. One 30 minute charge wil last all day making the microscope highly portable for use in the field. Both models include variable intensity controls.

SAVE MORE when buying the optional 100x objective and/or the optional mechanical slide holder at the same time as the microscope. We recommend the slide holder for easier slide handling especially at higher magnifications of 400x and 1,000x.

Optional Aluminum Case

This hard-sided aluminum microscope case protects your microscope investment from the dust, nicks, scratches and dents from everyday use. Features include an aluminum alloy frame, reinforced corners and side panels encasing a contoured hard-foam interior shaped to fit the OMTM85. Includes Heavy-duty hinges, locking clasps and a solid carrying handle designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while providing optimum protection for your microscope.

Shipping wt. and dimensions: 10 Lb. 20"x13"x10".

Accessory Packs

In addition to the regularly included accessories, you can choose from 3 accessory packs below. Each pack includes a range of useful accessories that you will need in order to enjoy your microscope.

Pack 1: Book + 5 Prepared Slides

Book: Usborne's, The World of the Microscope
The book is, in our opinion, a wonderful and colorful introduction to microscopy. Practical, clearly worded and with dozens of illustrations, it provides numerous experiments and activities that range from simple to more complex. While many assume the book is aimed at children, we have found it to be an useful primer for both young and old alike. We highly recommend it.

5 Prepared Slides:
Inspired by a permanent exhibition at The Natural History Museum in London, the Beastly Bits range includes three different sets of five slides:  Beastly Bits (Animal), Blood & Gore (Human tissue) or Neat Eats (Vegetable). All are professional-grade, prepared slides designed to stimulate the imagination of children - and adults alike! Beastly Bits set will be included unless sold out, when either Blood & Gore or Neat Eats will be substituted.

Pack 2: Book + Slide and Stain Kit

Book: Usborne's, The World of the Microscope

Slide and Stain Kit:
Perfect for individual, laboratory, home school or classroom use. Eosin Y is especially helpful in bone and marrow testing, while Methylene Blue is an excellent test for DNA. Kit includes the following items:

 - Eosin Y stain, 1%, 15 ml
 - Methylene Blue Stain, 1%, 15 ml
 - 4 oz Sparkle Lens Cleaning Fluid
 - 50 Premium Blank Slides
 - 100 Slide Covers - 22mm x 22mm
 - 3 Well Slides
 - Dropper or Pipette
 - Lens Cleaning paper
 - 3 cc Immersion Oil A
 - BS Plastic slide storage case
 - Instructions booklet.
5 Prepared Slides:

Pack 3: Book + Slide Kit + 15 Prepared Slides

Book: Usborne's, The World of the Microscope

Slide Kit
This Compound Microscope Starter Slide Kit is our most popular accessory and contains the following essential items:

 - 50 Blank Slides
 - 100 Cover slips
 - 3 Well Slides
 - Immersion Oil
 - Dropper and Lens Cloth

15 Prepared Slides:
This microscope slide kit (OMSK-15M) contains a mix of 15 prepared slides in a durable plastic case. Four of the Five Biology Kingdoms are represented in the selection of specimens, including Frog embryo, Pumpkin stem, Penicillum and Human cardiac muscle. Each slide is professionally stained, conveniently labeled and carefully mounted on glass slides with cover slips. The slides are conveniently arranged in a tough plastic case.





Specifications of Component Options

Select a component below to view related specifications.

  • OMTM85 Halogen Teaching Microscope

    OMTM85L LED Teaching Microscope
    Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime WarrantyOmano Limited Lifetime Warranty
    System Type Brightfield, TeachingBrightfield, Portable, Teaching
    Optical Design DIN 160mmDIN 160mm
    Number of Heads Dual-Head TeachingDual-Head Teaching
    Ocular Angle 45°45°
    Diopter Adjustment SingleSingle
    Ocular Tube Diameter 23 mm23 mm
    Nosepiece Orientation Front-facingFront-facing
    Nosepiece Style Quadruple (4)Quadruple (4)
    Focus Controls Coarse & Fine, CoaxialCoarse & Fine, Coaxial
    Focus Mechanism Rack & PinionRack & Pinion
    Focus Control Location Dual AmbidextrousDual Ambidextrous
    Stage Type FixedFixed
    Stage Features Mechanical Stage Attachment Available, Slide ClipsMechanical Stage Attachment Available, Slide Clips
    Includes Eyepieces? YesYes
    Included Eyepiece Quantity 44
    Included Eyepieces (X) 10X10X
    Eyepiece Style WF Widefield (FN 18mm)WF Widefield (FN 18mm)
    Min Standard Mag 40X40X
    Max Standard Mag 640X640X
    Included Objectives (Qty) 33
    Objective Lens AchromaticAchromatic
    Included Objective Types BrightfieldBrightfield
    Objective 1 Description 4x 
    Objective 2 Description 10x 
    Objective 3 Description 40xS 
    Condenser Type Abbe BrightfieldAbbe Brightfield
    Condenser Features Iris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter HolderIris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter Holder
    Condenser N.A. 1.25 mm1.25 mm
    Illumination Type HalogenLED
    Illumination Style TransmittedTransmitted
    Collector Type SimpleSimple
    Transmitted Light Type HalogenLED
    Transmitted Light Specification 6V 20W 
    Transmitted Light Control VariableVariable
    Power Supply 110V -240VAC Auto-SwitchingRechargeable Batteries (AA) or 120V AC - Plug-in Adapter Included
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) 23mm DIN23mm DIN
    Included Extras Dust Cover, Spare Bulb, Spare FuseDust Cover

  • Pack 1: Book & 5 Prepared Slides

    Pack 2: Book, Slide & Stain Kit & 5 Prepared Slides

    Pack 3: Book, Slide Kit & 15 Prepared Mixed Slides

    Microbiology Kit with Book
    Notes  $13.50 cost 
    Product Weight 1.00001.00001.00001.0000
    Product Display
    New  Yes

  • Achromatic Objective, 100xs Oil Immersion

    Mechanical Slide Holder

    Microscope Nylon Case - Small

    SC-85 Aluminum Microscope Case For Omano OMTM85 Series
    Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime Warranty   
    Notes  Fits OM136C Series, OMTM85 Series. NOTE: Attachment may obstruct free rotation of objective lens turret. Function is not impaired, but please take care that you do not damage the lenses.  
    Compatible With  OM136C*, OMTM85* OMTM85*
    Objective Lens Achromatic   
    Objective Lens Power 100x   

  • Summit KK2-1.3 1.3MP Color Digital Microscope Camera

    Summit OCS-1.3X 1.3MP PC/Mac Compatible Digital Microscope Camera

    Summit OCS-10.0X 10MP PC/Mac Compatible Digital Microscope Camera
    SKU OCS-KK2-1.3OCS-1.3XOCS-10.0X
    Warranty 1 Year1 Year1 Year
    Product Weight 2.00002.00001.0000
    Product Display
    New Yes  
    Sensor Type CMOSCMOSCMOS
    Sensor Size 1/3 Inch1/3 Inch1/2.3 Inch
    Sensor Details  Micron MT9M111 CMOSMicron MT9J001 CMOS
    Color/Monochrome ColorColorColor
    Pixel Pitch 3.6 µm x 3.6 µm3.6 µm1.67 µm
    Sensor Color Depth 8bpp / 24bit RGB8bpp / 24bit RGB8bpp / 24bit RGB
    Scan Mode ProgressiveProgressiveProgressive
    Signal to Noise Ratio  44 dB40.5 dB
    Sensitivity  1.0V/Lux-sec (550nm)0.44V/Lux-sec (550nm)
    Dynamic Range  50dB56dB
    A/D Conversion  8 bit8 bit
    Shutter Electronic, Rolling ShutterElectronic, Rolling ShutterElectronic, Rolling Shutter
    Camera Mount Ocular MountC-Mount, Ocular MountC-Mount, Ocular Mount
    Resolution 1.3 Megapixel, 1280x1024 pixels1.3 Megapixel, 1280x1024 pixels10 Megapixel
    Camera Output Resolutions 1280 X 1024; 640 X 512; 320 X 256 10.0MP
    FPS @ Max Res 7.5fps @ 1280 x 102415fps (1280 x 1024)3 fps (3856 X 2748)
    FPS @ Min Res 12.5fps @ 800 x 60030fps (640 x 480)28 fps (916 X 680)
    Camera Interface USB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0
    White Balance Automatic, ManualAutomatic, ManualAutomatic, Manual
    Software Included OptixCam K2ViewOptixCam OCViewOptixCam OCView
    Driver API Compatibility DirectX, TWAINDirectXDirectX
    Camera Power Source USB PoweredUSB PoweredUSB Powered
    File Formats JPEGBMP, JPEG, Own Proprietary, PNG, TIFFBMP, JPEG, Own Proprietary, PNG, TIFF
    Exposure Control Automatic, ManualAutomatic, ManualAutomatic, Manual
    Exposure Time 2000ms-0.14Ms1ms-0.5s1ms-1.0s
    Operating Temperatures 10°C ~ 50°C0-60C0-60C
    Operating Humidity 30% ~ 80% RH45%-85%45%-85%
    Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C-20C-70C-20C-70C
    Other Details
    Included Accessories 0.5X 23mm Ocular adapter, Software CD0.5X 23mm DIN Adapter, Collars for 30mm & 30.5mm Ocular Tubes, Software CD0.5X 23mm DIN Adapter, Collars for 30mm & 30.5mm Ocular Tubes, Software CD
    Supported Operating Systems Linux (kernel 2.6.26+), Macintosh OSX 10.7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8Macintosh OSX 10.7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8Macintosh OSX 10.7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    System Requirements 2GB RAM Recommended, 2Ghz+ CPU Recommended, At least P4-class CPU, Intel Mac Required for OSX Support, USB 2.0 High Speed Port2GB RAM Recommended, 2Ghz+ CPU Recommended, At least P4-class CPU, Intel Mac Required for OSX Support, USB 2.0 High Speed Port2GB RAM Recommended, 2Ghz+ CPU Recommended, At least P4-class CPU, Intel Mac Required for OSX Support, USB 2.0 High Speed Port
    Certifications CE, ULCECE
    Cable Length 1.8m (8ft)2.5m (8ft)2.5m (8ft)
    Camera Warranty 1 Year1 Year1 Year
    Software Support 6 Months6 Months6 Months
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) 23mm DIN23mm DIN, C-Mount23mm DIN, C-Mount

  • Skylight Microscope Smartphone Adapter for Mobile Microscopy
    SKU SKY01
    Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Product Display
    New Yes
    Staff Pick Yes
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