Cleaning Kit

  1. Omano

    Lens Cleaning Paper (50-sheet pad)

    • Soft texture will not damage lenses or optical surfaces
    • Chemically pure paper is free from silicones and other additives
    • High absorbency for removal of surface moisture and grease
    • Very strong and leaves no fibers
    • Convenient 4" x 6" size pad of 50 sheets

    You pay: $3.50

    Regular Price: $5.98

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  2. Euromex

    PB.5275 Microscope Lens Cleaning Kit

    • Premium Lens Cleaner, formulated for Multi-Coated lenses
    • Alcohol FREE, Ammonia FREE, and Odor FREE
    • Booklet of 50 tear-sheets of lint-free cleaning tissue
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for sensitive glass optical surface
    • Professional Static-Free, cleaning brush

    You pay: $19.95

    Regular Price: $24.95

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  3. Omano

    OMSK1 Microscope Starter Slide Kit

    • Complete slide starter kit
    • 50 Blank Slides, 100 Cover slips
    • Immersion Oil
    • Pack of lens cleaning paper
    • Glass pippete

    You pay: $15.00

    Regular Price: $31.90

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  4. Purosol

    Lens Cleaning Solution, All-Natural, 1oz

      • All Natural, Biodegradable, Highly efficacious lens cleaner
      • Recommended for all multi-coated lenses and optics
      • Non toxic, non-flammable, no CFCs, 100% hazard free
      • Sterile solution exceeds EPA and OSHA standards

    You pay: $7.95

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