Here you will find both educational and entertaining articles on Matters Microscopy. Check out the History of Microscopes, read an opinion on whether to buy a compound or stereo for that first microscope or simply enjoy the experience of one proud father....who happens to be our President!

Compound or Stereo?

Our contribution toward the debate round whether a young child does better with a compound or stereo microscope for their first foray into the enchanted world of microscopy.

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Empty Claims - False Magnification

Too many websites advertise "2000x" microscopes when it is not worth paying for. False magnification explained.

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History of Microscopes

A light-hearted look at the evolution of microscopy.

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History of Asbestos Microscopy

Did you know that Asbestos has been used since 2,500 B.C and has been harming Humans ever since? Asbestos Microscopes are critical tools for analysis.

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"Look Daddy...."

Why every child needs a microscope, at least, from a parent's perspective

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Microscopy of Nosema

A definitive article, by acclaimed beekeeper Randy Oliver, on how to self-diagnose Nosema Cerulae infections in the beeyards.

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