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Dino-Lite RK-06-PL Extension Pole for RK-06 Stand

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$ 35.00


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  • Finished aluminum alloy
  • Male and female threads
  • 11.5" in length x 7/8" in diameter

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  • Dino-Lite MSA2P Extension Pole

Optional additional pole for RK-06 stand. It provides an extra 11 inches of vertical working distance from object for those seeking a larger field of view.

The extra vertical space also allows use of an MS43L supplemental backlight, the MSAK826 Photo Light box or another pole-mounted Dino-Lite microscope on an MSAK810 flexible arm for even greater imaging versatility.

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RK-06-PL Extension Pole for RK-06 Stand
Brand Dino-Lite
Short Description
  • Finished aluminum alloy
  • Male and female threads
  • 11.5" in length x 7/8" in diameter
Feed - Title RK-06-PL Extension Pole for RK-06 Stand
Feed - Description The new Dino-Lite Industrial Line AM7023CT-LH1 combines the popular AM7023CT 5.0MP color CMOS C-mount camera with a removable lens which captures large, detailed images ranging from 22X to 220X without a microscope. It retains a host of useful features, including 5.0 megapixel resolution and DinoCapture measuring software for both still and live imaging (video) direct to your computer. It now features a new 40-LED ring illuminator with variable intensity output control. All Dino-Eye cameras offer reliable, robust software, a calibration slide and the same excellent color resolution all Dino-Lite products have in common. This model also mates perfectly with the optional MS35T rigid tabletop stand with tripod mount. For a true mobile solution, Windows RT allows this Dino-Lite microscope to connect directly to Windows tablets via USB without additional downloads. Simply use built-in drivers and the native camera app to perform inspections or capture images and video anywhere. When using Windows RT this camera is limited to 3.1MP resolution image capture.CameraWhat sets this apart from other Dino-Lite cameras, is the stand-alone imaging capability offered by the zoom lens, coupled with exceptional working distance available, especially at higher magnifications. For example, at 180X the working distance is a generous 5 inches, and at 220X the working distance is 4.25 inches, making this an ideal tool for industrial pcb inspection and repair.To compliment the new camera, Dino-Lite has also introduced a new 40-LED ring illuminator and the MS35T, a new rigid stand featuring a tripod mount specifically designed for this camera system. The LED illuminator offers variable intensity, shadow-free illumination powered by an AC adapter. The stand (sold separately) can provide up to 7.5 inches of working distance. When operating at magnification levels below 100X, users will require an additional extension pole, optionally available. For specific magnification and working distance information, please click on the "Magnification" tab below.DinoScope Software,span>Dino-Lite USB 2.0 software is compatible with both PC (DinoCapture 2.0) and Mac (DinoXcope) computers although currently, the touch trigger mechanism is not enabled for Macintosh computers. We have found the software to be robust and reliable. It enables image capture, video and time lapse video while measuring capabilities include linear and geometric as well as circular and point-to-line.Notations can be added and edited. You can capture an image by clicking in the easy-to-use software or, on T models, simply tap the button on the housing. It is worth noting that the color resolution is excellent due to the fixed white-balance calibration which is set at the factory using a jeweler's color balance. Finally, the software enables frame import or export, notations and output to BMP and JPG.FREE DinoVision Software There is also additional, FREE software available for download: DinoVision enables easy image drag-and-drop, split, overlay and comparison, which has proven useful for Forensic Scientists and more sophisticated users where image manipulation is important.Package includes camera, software CD and camera lens. MS35T stand sold separately.Industrial Line Demonstration VideoWindows RT Demonstration VideoMobile Scope Android AppThe new Mobile Scope app for Android (Android 4.0 or higher, & Nexus 5, 7, 10) now allows this Dino-Lite microscope to connect directly to Android devices via convenient USB or micro-USB. Download the Mobile Scope app from the Google Play store and connect a compatible Dino-Lite device for fast live video streaming and image capture from anywhere. The $9.99 app includes a free trial evaluation period. Some devices may require a USB to micro-USB connector, available at most computer stores.Mobile Scope Demo Video
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