Clinical and Lab

Clinical & laboratory microscopes include higher quality compound (biological) microscopes for veterinary and medical clinics, hospitals and research laboratories. This range also includes more advanced student microscopes.

Microscope brands include Omano, Meiji Techno and Motic.

  1. Omano

    OMM300-T Inverted Metallurgical Compound Microscope

    • Inverted polarizing microscope
    • 5 plan objectives for high quality viewing
    • 3 WF 10x eyepieces, one with cross-hair reticle
    • Epi-Kohler halogen illumination
    • Polarizing disc and rotatable analyzer

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  2. Omano

    OMFL600 Inverted Fluorescence Compound Microscope

    • Save over $1,000 on competing microscopes
    • 6 LWD Objectives - 3 Plan, 3 Phase Contrast
    • WF10x eyepieces
    • Centering telescope for accuracy
    • 400x maximum magnification

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