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Euromex BioBlue Semi Plan 40x-1,000x Student Microscope

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  • Designed for High School Biology Classes
  • High resolution semi plan objective lenses
  • Quadruple reversed nosepiece
  • SWF10x/18 Eyepieces
  • Rechargeable NeoLED™ illumination, 85V-265V

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  • BioBlue Semi Plan 40x-1,000x High School Microscope
  • BioBlue Semi Plan 40x-1,000x High School Microscope tri


BioBlue Summary

With European design and optics, the Euromex BioBlue Series of compound microscopes is designed for high school classrooms. The binocular and trinocular configurations include four semi plan objective lenses, which offer remarkable resolution at this price point and a strong competitive value equation. In addition to a standard range of professional features, the BioBlue microscopes also include Euromex's excellent rechargeable NeoLED™ illumination, rugged construction for the classroom and a thoughtful wit extremely stable stand and a comfortable handgrip for easy transport.


The standard configuration includes DIN WF10x/18 eyepieces with diopter and four DIN semi plan objective lenses set in a quadruple reversed nosepiece. The Seidentopf head is inclined at a more comfortable 30° and rotates 360°. The resolution is excellent for this price point.

Polarization Kit: An optional slider with analyzer and rotatable polarizer can be added

Stage & Focusing

The BioBlue  features a 130mm x 130mm double layered mechanical stage with 70mm x 28mm range of movement and dropdown, coaxial, right-hand controls. Coaxial coarse and fine focusing has 0.002mm graduations and adjustable tension.

Condenser & Illumination

The condenser is a height adjustable Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder. Rechargeable LED illumination employs two integrated AA NiMH batteries with 85-230V power supply. The LED is driven by their proprietary, new NeoLED™ technology that is genuinely excellent. NeoLED™ is the result of Euromex's combined research into optics and LED. It combines a custom LED with a short focal length to achieve four benefits:

  • Significantly greater light intensity
  • Higher resolution optics
  • Lower power consumption and 
  • Immeasurably longer lifespan - 50,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for a comparable 30W halogen bulb! 

At, there was unanimous approval during side-by-side testing.


Power cord, spare fuse, 5ml immersion oil, dust cover, manual


Specifications of Component Options

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  • BB.4260 BioBlue Semi Plan 40x-1,000x Binocular High School Microscope

    BB.4253 BioBlue Semi Plan 40x-1,000x Trinocular High School Microscope

    BB.4263 BioBlue Semi Plan 40x-600x Binocular High School Microscope

    BB.4260-P-LED BioBlue Semi Plan 40x-1,000x Binocular Polarizing High School Microscope
    Brand EuromexEuromexEuromexEuromex
    SKU BB.4260BB.4253BB.4263BB.4260-P-LED
    Product Weight 27lbs27lbs27lbs27lbs
    Product Display
    New YesYesYesYes
    System Type BrightfieldBrightfieldBrightfieldBrightfield
    Optical Design Infinity CorrectedInfinity CorrectedInfinity CorrectedInfinity Corrected
    Head Type BinocularTrinocularBinocularBinocular
    Head Rotation 360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees
    Ocular Angle 30°30°30°30°
    Diopter Adjustment SingleSingleSingleSingle
    Interpupillary Adjustment Arc (Seidentopf)Arc (Seidentopf)Arc (Seidentopf)Arc (Seidentopf)
    Interpupillary Adjustment Range 54mm-75mm54mm-75mm54mm-75mm54mm-75mm
    Trinocular Type  Prism Switching  
    Trinocular Standard  23mm DIN  
    Parfocal YesYesYesYes
    Nosepiece Orientation ReversedReversedReversedReversed
    Nosepiece Style Quadruple (4)Quadruple (4)Quadruple (4)Quadruple (4)
    Focus Controls Coarse & Fine, CoaxialCoarse & Fine, CoaxialCoarse & Fine, CoaxialCoarse & Fine, Coaxial
    Focus Mechanism Rack & PinionRack & PinionRack & PinionRack & Pinion
    Focus Control Location Dual AmbidextrousDual AmbidextrousDual AmbidextrousDual Ambidextrous
    Focus Controls Graduated? YesYesYesYes
    Focus Control Safety Stop Slip ClutchSlip ClutchSlip ClutchSlip Clutch
    Stage Type Mechanical XYMechanical XYMechanical XYMechanical XY
    Stage Features Fingertip Controls, Full Stage XY, Slide ClipsFingertip Controls, Full Stage XY, Slide ClipsFingertip Controls, Full Stage XY, Slide ClipsFingertip Controls, Full Stage XY, Slide Clips
    Stage Dimensions 130mm x 130mm130mm x 130mm130mm x 130mm130mm x 130mm
    Stage Range of Movement (XY) 70mm x 28mm70mm x 28mm70mm x 28mm70mm x 28mm
    Stage Range Graduated? YesYesYesYes
    Includes Eyepieces? YesYesYesYes
    Included Eyepiece Quantity 2222
    Included Eyepieces (X) 10X10X10X10X
    Eyepiece Style WF Widefield (FN 18mm)WF Widefield (FN 18mm)WF Widefield (FN 18mm)WF Widefield (FN 18mm)
    Available Eyepieces 10X, 15X, 20X, 5x10X, 15X, 20X, 5x10X, 15X, 20X, 5x10X, 15X, 20X, 5x
    Includes Eyecups? YesYesYesYes
    Eyecups Style Hard RubberHard RubberHard RubberHard Rubber
    Min Standard Mag 40x40x40x40x
    Max Standard Mag 1,000x1,000x1,000x1,000x
    Included Objectives (Qty) 4444
    Objective Lens Semi-PlanSemi-PlanSemi-PlanSemi-Plan
    Included Objective Types BrightfieldBrightfieldBrightfieldBrightfield
    Included Objectives Parfocal Adjustable? YesYesYesYes
    Objective 1 Description 4x4x4x4x
    Objective 1 N.A.
    Objective 2 Description 10x10x10x10x
    Objective 2 N.A.
    Objective 3 Description 40x S40x S40x S40x S
    Objective 3 N.A. 0.650.650.650.65
    Objective 4 Description 100x S oil100x S oil60x S oil100x S oil
    Objective 4 N.A.
    Condenser Type Abbe BrightfieldAbbe BrightfieldAbbe BrightfieldAbbe Brightfield
    Condenser Features Iris Diaphragm, Swing-out Filter HolderIris Diaphragm, Swing-out Filter HolderIris Diaphragm, Swing-out Filter HolderIris Diaphragm, Swing-out Filter Holder
    Condenser N.A. 1.25 mm1.25 mm1.25 mm1.25 mm
    Illumination Type LEDLEDLEDLED
    Illumination Style TransmittedTransmittedTransmittedTransmitted
    Collector Type SimpleSimpleSimpleSimple
    Collector Features Field DiaphragmField DiaphragmField DiaphragmField Diaphragm
    Transmitted Light Type LEDLEDLEDLED
    Transmitted Light Specification 1W Rechargeable NEO-LED™ 1W Rechargeable NEO-LED™ 1W Rechargeable NEO-LED™ 1W Rechargeable NEO-LED™
    Transmitted Light Control VariableVariableVariableVariable
    Power Supply 110V-22V110V-22V110V-22V110V-22V
    Fuse 500mA 250V500mA 250V500mA 250V500mA 250V
    Included Extras Immersion Oil, Spare Fuse, Dust CoverImmersion Oil, Spare Fuse, Dust CoverImmersion Oil, Spare Fuse, Dust CoverImmersion Oil, Spare Fuse, Dust Cover