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Motic BA210 Compound Microscope

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  • EF-N Plan Objectives
  • Color-Corrected Infinity Optics
  • Halogen or LED Illumination
  • Ergonomic Design for ease of operation
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Recommended for Teaching Laboratories & Clinics

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  • Motic BA210 Compound Microscope
  • Motic BA210 Trinocular Compound Microscope


The Motic BA210 Series is built for exceptional optical performance and the high-resolution needs of colleges, universities and medical school markets. The BA210 features a reversed quadruple nosepiece and built-in Koehler illumination as standard equipment. It also incorporates a fully rotating, 30-degree inclined binocular or trinocular Siedentopf viewing head with 10X widefield eyepieces, 53mm to 72mm of interpupillary adjustment and individual diopter adjustment for each ocular tube. Available in Halogen or LED illumination, this new microscope series offers versatility and ergonomics to a wide range of education and professional applications.



The optical system is designed around a new generation of Color Corrected Infinity System EF-N Plan Achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40xS and 100xS Oil). These new lenses are multilayer-coated for improved contrast and image enhancement, rewarding student efforts with sharp visual and digital results.

Stage & Focus

A large double-layered mechanical stage features a spring-loaded slide clamp with dropdown coaxial controls for convenient 'eyes down' operation. The stage range of movement is 70mm x 30mm. Focusing includes high quality rack and pinion mechanics for longer life and coaxial coarse/fine focus controls for easier focusing. The fine focus scale value is 0.002mm.

The dual coaxial focus controls allow finger touch adjustment while the dimmer switch is conveniently located next to the right hand control. The stage and focus controls can be operated during 'eyes down' observation. Safety features include a rack stop and slip clutch to minimize the risk of damage from over-extension. The condenser is a centering and focus-able Abbe 1.25 NA with iris diaphragm and filter for optimal adjustments. High-quality Koehler illumination is powered by 6V 30W halogen or 3W LED with variable intensity.


Owners Manual, 5ml Immersion Oil, Hex Key, 45mm Blue Filter, Dust Cover.

BA210B Binocular Halogen 1100100401211
BA210T Trinocular Halogen 1100100401251
BA210BL Binocular LED 1100100401401
BA210TL Trinocular LED 1100100401391



Specifications of Component Options

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  • BA210T Trinocular Halogen Compound Microscope

    BA210BL Binocular LED Compound MIcroscope

    BA210TL Trinocular LED Compound Microscope
    Brand MoticMoticMotic
    SKU BA210TBA210BLBA210TL
    Warranty Limited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty
    MAP Copy MAP - MoticMAP - MoticMAP - Motic
    Best Value Yes Yes
    System Type BrightfieldBrightfieldBrightfield
    Optical Design DIN 160mmDIN 160mmDIN 160mm
    Number of Heads Single Primary HeadSingle Primary HeadSingle Primary Head
    Head Type TrinocularBinocularTrinocular
    Head Rotation 360 Degrees360 Degrees360 Degrees
    Ocular Angle 30°30°30°
    Diopter Adjustment DualDualDual
    Interpupillary Adjustment Arc (Seidentopf)Arc (Seidentopf)Arc (Seidentopf)
    Interpupillary Adjustment Range 55-75 mm55-75 mm55-75 mm
    Trinocular Type Switchable Beam-SplitSwitchable Beam-SplitSwitchable Beam-Split
    Ocular Tube Diameter 30 mm30 mm30 mm
    Nosepiece Orientation ReversedReversedReversed
    Nosepiece Style Quadruple (4)Quadruple (4)Quadruple (4)
    Focus Controls Coarse & Fine, CoaxialCoarse & Fine, CoaxialCoarse & Fine, Coaxial
    Focus Mechanism Rack & PinionRack & PinionRack & Pinion
    Focus Control Location Dual AmbidextrousDual AmbidextrousDual Ambidextrous
    Focus Controls Graduated? YesYesYes
    Focus Control Safety Stop Slip ClutchSlip ClutchSlip Clutch
    Stage Type Mechanical XYMechanical XYMechanical XY
    Stage Features Fingertip Controls, Full Stage XY, Slide Holder (spring-loaded)Fingertip Controls, Full Stage XY, Slide Holder (spring-loaded)Fingertip Controls, Full Stage XY, Slide Holder (spring-loaded)
    Stage Range of Movement (XY) 70mm x 30mm70mm x 30mm70mm x 30mm
    Stage Range Graduated? YesYesYes
    Includes Eyepieces? YesYesYes
    Included Eyepiece Quantity 222
    Included Eyepieces (X) 10X10X10X
    Eyepiece Style SWF Super Widefield (FN 20mm)SWF Super Widefield (FN 20mm)SWF Super Widefield (FN 20mm)
    Min Standard Mag 40X40X40X
    Max Standard Mag 1000X1000X1000X
    Included Objectives (Qty) 444
    Objective Lens PlanPlanPlan
    Included Objective Types BrightfieldBrightfieldBrightfield
    Condenser Type Abbe BrightfieldAbbe BrightfieldAbbe Brightfield
    Condenser Features Iris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter Holder, Swing-out Secondary LensIris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter Holder, Swing-out Secondary LensIris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter Holder, Swing-out Secondary Lens
    Condenser N.A. 1.25 mm1.25 mm1.25 mm
    Illumination Type HalogenLEDLED
    Illumination Style TransmittedTransmittedTransmitted
    Collector Type KohlerKohlerKohler
    Collector Features Field DiaphragmField DiaphragmField Diaphragm
    Transmitted Light Type HalogenLEDLED
    Transmitted Light Specification 6V 30W3W3W
    Transmitted Light Control VariableVariableVariable
    Power Supply 120V AC120V AC120V AC
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) 23mm , C-Mount23mm , C-Mount23mm , C-Mount
    Included Extras Dust CoverImmersion Oil, Dust CoverImmersion Oil, Dust Cover