Omano OMTM85 40X-400X Dual Teaching Microscope

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  • 40x, 100x, 400x magnification
  • 2 oculars for teacher/student viewing
  • Halogen or LED illumination
  • Coaxial coarse/fine focus for easy use
  • Professional 1.25N.A condenser
  • Halogen illumination
  • Plain stage - optional slide holder
  • SAVE with optional 100x objective lens
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Recommended for K-12

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  • Omano OMTM85 Dual Teaching Microscope


The Omano OMTM85 is a well proven and popular student microscope where two people can view the specimen simultaneously without the need for a second microscope. This is particularly useful in a teaching environment and it is no surprise that the OMTM85 is consistently popular with Home Schoolers. The base model includes two WF10x eyepieces and three objectives. An optional 100x objective lens and mechanical slide holder also available at a discounted price when purchased at the same time as the microscope.. Lifetime Limited warranty. Recommended for K-12, Home School.


The OMTM85 is characterized by crisp optics. Two wide field, WF10x eyepieces (one for each ocular ), enable simultaneous viewing by both student and teacher. There are three achromatic, coated objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40xS) for magnification levels of 40x, 100x and 400x. A 100x spring oil immersion objective lens can be added at a discounted price when bought at the same time as the microscope.

Stage & Focus

A plain stage is included with optional mechanical slide holder if purchased at the same time as the microscope. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls are standard and enable significantly greater convenience than separate coarse and fine focus controls. Focusing has rack and pinion construction with slip clutch and rack stop to prevent damage to either the microscope or slides. There are both left and right hand focus controls.

Condenser & Illumination

The condenser is an Abbe 1.25 N.A with iris diaphragm and filter holder. Illumination is powered by 110V 6V 12W halogen or LED.


Color filters, dust cover, manual, spare bulb

SAVE MORE when buying the optional 100x objective and/or the optional mechanical slide holder at the same time as the microscope. We recommend the slide holder for easier slide handling especially at higher magnifications of 400x and 1,000x.

Specifications of Component Options

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  • OMTM85 Halogen Teaching Microscope

    OMTM85L LED Teaching Microscope
    Brand OmanoOmano
    Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime WarrantyOmano Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Backorder ETA Sep 30, 2017 
    System Type Brightfield, TeachingBrightfield, Portable, Teaching
    Optical Design DIN 160mmDIN 160mm
    Number of Heads Dual-Head TeachingDual-Head Teaching
    Ocular Angle 45°45°
    Diopter Adjustment SingleSingle
    Ocular Tube Diameter 23 mm23 mm
    Nosepiece Orientation Front-facingFront-facing
    Nosepiece Style Quadruple (4)Quadruple (4)
    Focus Controls Coarse & Fine, CoaxialCoarse & Fine, Coaxial
    Focus Mechanism Rack & PinionRack & Pinion
    Focus Control Location Dual AmbidextrousDual Ambidextrous
    Stage Type FixedFixed
    Stage Features Mechanical Stage Attachment Available, Slide ClipsMechanical Stage Attachment Available, Slide Clips
    Includes Eyepieces? YesYes
    Included Eyepiece Quantity 44
    Included Eyepieces (X) 10X10X
    Eyepiece Style WF Widefield (FN 18mm)WF Widefield (FN 18mm)
    Min Standard Mag 40X40X
    Max Standard Mag 640X640X
    Included Objectives (Qty) 33
    Objective Lens AchromaticAchromatic
    Included Objective Types BrightfieldBrightfield
    Objective 1 Description 4x 
    Objective 2 Description 10x 
    Objective 3 Description 40xS 
    Condenser Type Abbe BrightfieldAbbe Brightfield
    Condenser Features Iris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter HolderIris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter Holder
    Condenser N.A. 1.25 mm1.25 mm
    Illumination Type HalogenLED
    Illumination Style TransmittedTransmitted
    Collector Type SimpleSimple
    Transmitted Light Type HalogenLED
    Transmitted Light Specification 6V 20W 
    Transmitted Light Control VariableVariable
    Power Supply 110V -240VAC Auto-SwitchingRechargeable Batteries (AA) or 120V AC - Plug-in Adapter Included
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) 23mm 23mm
    Included Extras Dust Cover, Spare Bulb, Spare FuseDust Cover

  • Achromatic Objective, 100xs Oil Immersion

    Mechanical Slide Holder

    Microscope Soft Nylon Case - Small
    Brand OmanoOmanoOmano
    Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime Warranty  
    Notes  Fits OM136C Series, OMTM85 Series. NOTE: Attachment may obstruct free rotation of objective lens turret. Function is not impaired, but please take care that you do not damage the lenses. 
    Compatible With  OM136C*, OMTM85* 
    Objective Lens Achromatic  
    Objective Lens Power 100x