School and Student Microscopes

Student microscopes include Omano, Motic and Meiji Techno compound microscopes for students and schools that range from Medical Schools to Elementary Schools.  For convenient shopping, we have divided them into three broad market segments:

All these student microscopes include Lifetime Limited Warranties and we offer FREE post sales service. Ask about our volume discounts on school purchases of student microscopes.

  1. Motic

    BA310ET-PH Elite Trinocular Lab Phase Contrast Compound Microscope

    • 5 EC Plan Achromatic Objectives
    • 1 CCIS EC Plan Achromat - EC PL 4x
    • 3 CCIS EC Plan Phase - Ph10x, Ph40x S, Ph100x S-Oil
    • 6V30W Halogen and 3WLED illumination
    • Ergonomic Design for ease of operation

    You pay: $2,750.00

    Regular Price: $2,877.00

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  2. Motic

    BA410E Elite Research Compound Microscope

    • Top of the range Motic biological Lab microscope
    • Highly flexible modular design
    • Multiple configurations: phase, fluorescence, polarizing, digital
    • CCIS infinity corrected Plan optics
    • 12V 50W Halogen with external lamp house

    You pay: $2,950.00

    Regular Price: $3,650.00

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