Compound Microscopes

Compound microscopes are also known as Biological or High Power microscopes. They are used for viewing transparent specimens that are not typically visible to the naked eye. We carry compound microscopes for most applications although for brevity, we have divided them into three broad sub-categories:

  • Clinical and Lab for professional users including Veterinarians, Doctors and Researchers
  • Home and Hobby for Kids, Hobbyists and Advanced Hobbyists
  • Schools and Students which are divided into different levels: Elementary School, Middle/High and University

Please select the sub-category of compound microscope for your application and then filter the results using our new range of filters - but if in doubt try our new Microscope Selector or simply call us toll free on 877-409-3556.

  1. Meiji Techno

    MT6000 Epi-Fluorescence LED Microscope

      • Epi-Fluorescence microscope with 3 filters
      • 4 Semi Apochromatic objective lenses
      • Infinity Corrected Optical System
      • Computer Aided Design Frame and Optics

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