Dino-Lite Handheld

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Dino-Lite are powerful low power, digital microscopes and a genuine innovation in the world of digital microscopy. Beautifully made, consistently reliable and with excellent optics and software, Dino-Lite continue to innovate with genuinely useful upgrades. We highly recommend them.

Magnification now ranges from 2.5x-900x depending on the model with a huge variety of additional features for specialist applications such as lower or higher magnification; polarizing, increased depth of field and many more. You can select your requirement in our SPECIAL FEATURES shopping filter.


A). Mobile Microscopy

Dino-Lite have introduced three mobile microscopy solutions:

  • WF-10 Wireless adapter for iPhone/iPad or other mobile device
  • Windows RT tablet compatability
  • Android Compatability

B). Edge Series for greater depth of field and field of View

All models include robust industrial design combined with upgraded sensors, crisp optics and excellent color resolution. Powerful image capture and documentation software is included with measuring software included in certain models.


For ease of navigation, we have divided the Dino-Lites into four categories:

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Stands: Please note that while Dino-Lites are handheld microscopes, most applications do require a stand especially at higher levels of magnification. Popular industrial stands includeMS35B and MS36B. Popular Consumer and Hobbyist stands include MS21W and MS22B

Dino-Lite require Minimum Advertised Pricing on our site. Combine any microscope and stand in your shopping cart to see our final selling prices.

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