Motic DMBA-210 digital compound microscope

DMBA-210 Digital Compound Microscope

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DMBA-210 Digital Compound Microscope


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  • 3.1MP Resolution
  • Infinity corrected optics
  • Four CCIS EF-N Plan objectives
  • Quadruple nosepiece
  • WF High eyepoint eyepieces
  • 1.25 NA focusable condenser
  • Calibration slide for accuracy
  • PC/Mac compatible
  • 5 year warranty

You pay: $2,195.00

Regular Price: $2,324.00

You pay: $2,195.00

Regular Price: $2,324.00

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The Motic BA210 was designed for high school, college and Medical School applications. Using Motic's outstanding Color Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS), the entire optical path of the microscope has been optimized for maximum optic quality and digital image fidelity. Designed for a high level of performance and user comfort, this microscope is an ideal bridge between advanced student work and high-end microscopy applications.

It includes is a 3.1 megapixel digital compound microscope with infinity corrected CCIS optics and four EF-N Plan objective lenses set in a quadruple nosepiece for a popular school microscope. Powerful 6V 30W Halogen illumination. 5 year warranty.


The BA210 includes a Seindentopf head with integrated 3.1 megapixel camera built around a large 1/2" color sensor. This is important since most 3.1 megapixel microscope cameras include smaller sensors with lower quality resolution. The head is inclined at a more comfortable 30° and includes two WF10x/FN20mm eyepieces for improved field of view. There are dual diopters for individual eye focusing and interpupillary adjustment of 55mm-75mm.

The heart of the optics is a CCIS infinity corrected system with four infinity corrected CCIS EF-N Plan objective lenses set in a reverse facing, quadruple nosepiece for more convenient sldie handling. Magnification levels include 40x, 100x, 400x and 1,000x. The 1.25NA Abbe condenser is focusable and centerable. There is a built-in mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls.

The stage measures 175mm x 140mm with vernier scale and a range of movement of 76x50mm. Rack and pinion focusing includes drop-down coaxial coarse/fine controls. Professional Koehler illumination is powered by 6V 30W halogen with intensity control or select 3W LED illumination. The power supply is switchable 110v-220V.

Microscope Camera

The camera includes a built-in 1/2" for significantly better quality than the 1/3" typically found in 3.1 megapixel microscope cameras. Maximum resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels. The camera has fast refresh rates for better quality live imaging: 10 frames per second @ 2048x1536, 40 frames per second @ binning. Software is the well-established Motic Images PLus 2.0ML for Windows and Motic Images Plus 2.0 for Macintosh.


The Motic Images Plus 2.0 software is a powerful software suite that has impressed us. Users will find a familiar interface matched to either Windows or Macintosh OSX operating environments. The software allows for automatic object or cell counting, image and data capture, easy export of reports to spreadsheets , measurements, counting and even MP3 functionality so you can play music while you are working. Add narration or other sound clips to any image using this software this digital microscope turns into a true multimedia apparatus! Features include Measurement, Image Comparison for forensic or other applications, Editing and Enhancements, Counting and Auto Segmentation that facilitates counting. In our opinion, these are are unequaled features that are not found in competing products at this price point.

Software Features

Measurement: Motic Measurements are easy to use and accurate owing to the quick, calibration process using Motic's certified calibration slide. Possible measurements include: Line, Circle, Rectangle, 3-Point Circle, 3-Point Arc, Polygon, Ellipse, Angle as well as Irregular shapes. All of the results are stored in a Measurement Table which can be exported to Excel with one click.
Image Comparison: A useful feature includes image comparison that enables users to compare differences in specimens over time or side-by-side. Different methods can be used to compare including: 'Subtract'; 'Difference'; Multiply'; Proportional.
Image Enhancements: With several filters, including a customizable filter, Motic Images Plus 2.0 allows the user to edit, enhance or change a captured image. Text, Stamp and Paint tools turn any captured image into a finished project or evaluation for presentation. This feature should not be underestimated! Essentially, the software has an integrated word processor designed for combining captured images with comments - perfect for in-lab results or classroom use - and far simpler than a separate WORD document.
Multi-Media Imaging: Motic's own SFC file extension allows a narrated sound file to be placed directly onto the image. Send an image with narration on several points by email to anyone. The SFC file also allows measurements or any image enhancements to be removed or changed at a later date.
Counting: An introductory counting function is also included with the software, allowing users to calculate objects in the image.
Auto-Segmentation: This is a neat feature that highlights items for easier counting

Motic Part # 1100401200615

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Motic
Short Description
  • 3.1MP Resolution
  • Infinity corrected optics
  • Four CCIS EF-N Plan objectives
  • Quadruple nosepiece
  • WF High eyepoint eyepieces
  • 1.25 NA focusable condenser
  • Calibration slide for accuracy
  • PC/Mac compatible
  • 5 year warranty
Product Weight 31.0000
MAP Copy MAP - Motic
Feed - Title DMBA-210 Digital Compound Microscope
New No
On Sale Yes
Best Seller No
Top Rated No
Best Value No
Staff Pick No
Close Out No
System Type Brightfield, Digital
Optical Design Infinity Corrected
Head Type Binocular
Head Rotation 360 Degrees
Ocular Angle 30°
Diopter Adjustment Dual
Interpupillary Adjustment Arc (Seidentopf)
Interpupillary Adjustment Range 55 – 75 mm
Parfocal Yes
Ocular Tube Diameter 30 mm
Includes Eyepieces? Yes
Included Eyepiece Quantity 2
Included Eyepieces (X) 10X
Eyepiece Style SWF Super Widefield (FN 20mm)
Available Eyepieces 10X, 12.5X, 15X
Includes Eyecups? No
Min Standard Mag 40X
Max Standard Mag 1000X
Nosepiece Orientation Reversed
Nosepiece Style Quadruple (4)
Focus Controls Coarse & Fine, Coaxial
Focus Mechanism Rack & Pinion
Focus Control Location Dual Ambidextrous
Focus Controls Graduated? Yes
Stage Type Mechanical XY
Stage Features Fingertip Controls, Slide Holder (spring-loaded)
Stage Range of Movement (XY) 76 mm X 36 mm
Stage Range Graduated? Yes
Included Objectives (Qty) 4
Objective Lens Plan
Included Objective Types Brightfield
Included Objectives Parfocal Adjustable? No
Objective 1 Description 4X CCIS Infinity EF-N Plan
Objective 1 N.A. 0.1
Objective 1 W.D. 6.3 mm
Objective 2 Description 10X CCIS Infinity EF-N Plan
Objective 2 N.A. 0.25
Objective 2 W.D. 3.9 mm
Objective 3 Description 40X CCIS Infinity EF-N Plan (S)
Objective 3 N.A. 0.65
Objective 3 W.D. 0.4 mm
Objective 4 Description 100X CCIS Infinity EF-N Plan (S-Oil)
Objective 4 N.A. 1.25
Objective 4 W.D. 0.12 mm
Condenser Type Abbe Brightfield
Condenser Features Iris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter Holder
Condenser N.A. 1.25 mm
Filter Diameter 45 mm
Filters Included Blue
Illumination Style Transmitted
Collector Type Simple
Transmitted Light Type Halogen
Transmitted Light Specification 6V 30W
Transmitted Light Control Variable
Power Supply Universal Switching 100V-240V AC
Resolution 3 Megapixel, 2048x1536 pixels
Camera Interface USB 2.0
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 1/2 Inch
Color/Monochrome Color
Pixel Pitch 3.2 µm
Sensor Color Depth 8bpp / 24bit RGB
Scan Mode Progressive
Signal to Noise Ratio 54 dB
FPS @ Max Res 6fps
FPS @ Min Res 45fps
Exposure Control Area-of-Interest, Automatic, Manual, Spot, Vignetting Correction
White Balance Area-of-Interest, Automatic, Manual, Spot
Black Balance Manual
Peltier Cooling No
Software Included Motic Images Plus 2.0ML
Driver API Compatibility DirectX, TWAIN
Power Source USB Powered
File Formats BMP, JPEG, Own Proprietary, PNG, TIFF
Included Accessories Software CD, Calibration Slide Micrometer
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.4+, Windows XP SP3
System Requirements 2GB RAM Recommended, 2Ghz+ CPU Recommended, At least P4-class CPU, USB 2.0 High Speed Port
Camera Warranty 1 Year
Reticles Available? No
Included Extras Immersion Oil, Dust Cover
Case Included? No

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