Digital Microscopes

Choose from Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes, Motic or National Optical. All these digital microscopes include a built-in digital microscope camera. We are the nations largest dealer of Dino-Lite Microscopes.

Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

 With over 50 different USB and TV output models, Dino-Lite offers models for an increasing variety of industrial, educational, medical and personal applications. Dino-Lite also offer a wide range of accessories and stands. Simple to use with included software and illumination, these digital microscopes are well-made, reliable and backed by a 2 year warranty. 

All Dino-Lite microscopes are PC/Mac compatible, offer still images as well as real time and time lapse video while the new full screen capability is particulary useful for schools. Choose between three different resolutions: 0.3MP, 1.3MP or 5.0MP. Read more in our Dino-Lite Buyer's Guide.

 Motic / National Optical Digital Microscopes

For convenience, we have divided these digital microscopes into three sub-categories:

  • High Power - For viewing transparent cellular specimens on microscope slides. They include eyepieces for standard viewing
  • Low Power - For viewing opaque, macro specimens that are visible to the Human eye. They include eyepieces for standard viewing.
  • Video Inspection Systems - Pre-configured industrial inspection microscopes that include a digital microscope camera with zoom lens and boom stand.

Remember: You can also achieve a more flexible digital microscope solution by purchasing a standard microscope (ideally trinocular), and a digital microsocpe camera. Read our article Digital Microscope Options to learn more on this important subject.

  1. Dino-Lite

    Edge AM4115ZT 10x~220x 1.3MP Handheld Digital Microscope

    • State-of-the-art 1.3 MP sensor
    • 10x-220x full-range zoom magnification
    • Built-in adjustable polarizer
    • Scroll lock to fix magnification
    • 1.3 Megapixel resolution

    You pay: $629.00

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  2. Dino-Lite

    Edge AM4115ZTW 2X~50X 1.3MP Handheld Digital Microscope

    • 2X-50X zoom magnification
    • Wide-angle and Tele-photo modes
    • Larger FOV and DOF than other models
    • New imaging sensor with measuring ability
    • Built-in adjustable polarizer

    You pay: $689.00

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  3. Dino-Lite

    Edge AF4115ZT 20x~220x 1.3MP FLC, WIFI-Ready Handheld Digital Microscope

    • State-of-the-art 1.3MP color imaging sensor
    • iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android OS compatible
    • Flexible Lighting Control (FLC)
    • 20x-220x full-range zoom magnification
    • Built-in adjustable polarization ring

    You pay: $629.00

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