Dino-Lite Buyer's Guide


In a few short years, Dino-Lite digital microscopes have gone from being an obscure introduction to the world of light microscopy to become a major innovating force in both industrial and hobbyist microscopy applications. Used daily by Fortune 500 companies for quality control inspection applications, they are equally useful for coin collectors and hobbyists while providing 'WOW!' factor to children throughout the US. 

However, since all Dino-Lite microscopes look similar it can be a little confusing when trying to select the appropriate model for your application. This guide is designed to help you choose as they have numerous different variations for different applications.


High quality digital microscope products designed primarily for education and budget-conscious applications.
Model Number ... AM2111   AM3111
Higher quality and fuller-featured digital microscope products designed for a wide range of applications.
3113   3713   4023   4111   4113   7013   7023
Highest quality digital microscope products designed for industrial, laboratory, and other applications demanding best quality optics and image sensor.
4115   4515   4815   7115   7515   7915


Dino-Lite USB Product Lines
Connect to PC via USB  
MODEL Resolution LEDs
2111 640x480 4
3111 640x480 8
3113 640x480 8
4111 1280x960 8
4113 1280x960 8
4115 1280x960 8
4515 1280x960 8
4815 1280x960 8
7013 2592x1944 8
7115 2592x1944 8
7515 2592x1944 8
7915 2592x1944 8


Dino-Lite Analog Product Lines
Connect directly to a TV or Monitor - No PC req'd
MODEL Connection Resolution LEDs
4112 RCA 640x480 8
4116 VGA 800x600 8
5018 DVI / HDMI 720p 8
5116 VGA 1024x768 8
5212 RCA 960x480 8
5216 VGA 1024x768 8


Dino-Eye Microscope Eyepiece Cameras
Connect to existing microscope   
MODEL Connection Resolution Microscope fit
422XN RCA 640x480 23mm, 30mm, 30.5mm
4023 USB 1280x960 23mm
4023B USB 1280x960 30mm, 30.5mm
4023X USB 1280x960 23mm, 30mm, 30.5mm
4023XC USB 1280x960 23mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, C-mount
7023 USB 2592x1944 23mm
7023B USB 2592x1944 30mm, 30.5mm
7023CT USB 2592x1944 C-mount



AM standard models
AD special application or custom design

2xxx entry level model (USB models)
3xxx basic model (USB models)
4xxx industrial line (USB and TV models)
5xxx high resolution analog (TV models)
7xxx high resolution digital (USB models)

xx11 USB, basic, no measurement
xx12 TV/Analog (RCA), basic, no measurement
xx13 USB, standard, measurement
xx15 USB, industrial, measurement
x515 USB, industrial, measurement and AMR (automatic mag. reading)
x815 USB, industrial, measurement and EDOF (enhanced depth of field) / EDR (enhanced dynamic range)
x915 USB, industrial, measurement, AMR, EDOF, EDR
xx16 TV/Analog (VGA), no measurement
xx18 TV/Analog (HD), no measurement
xx22 Microscope eyepiece camera (TV)
xx23 Microscope eyepiece camera (USB) w/ calibration and measurement

T   microtouch, captures image on usb models, turns LEDS on/off on analog (TV) models
M   metal, aluminum-body, reinforced cord attachment, ruggedized model
Z   polarizer, reduces glare on reflective objects
L   working distance (long), magnification up to 92X, focus from farther away than normal
S   shortened nozzle (85X and 145X magnification focus at touching distance)
W   macro view, low magnification with zoom lens (2 focusable magnifications at any working distance)
T4  430X - 470X magnification
T5  500X fixed magnification
T8  700X - 900X magnification
TB  Strobe light
N   NTSC (TV models)
P   PAL (TV models)
L-M40  working distance/wide viewing angle, magnification up to 37X

LED Spectrum
FV2  8 x 375nm LEDs
FU   8 x 375nm LEDs
FV2W 4 x 375nm LEDs / 4 x white LEDs
FV   8 x 390nm LEDs
FVW  4 x 390nm LEDs / 4 x white LEDs
I2V  4 x 395nm LEDs / 4 x 940nm
FI   8 x 850nm LEDs

LED Wavelength
CFVW  7 x LEDs 400nm excitation (430nm emission filter) / 1 x white LED
GFBW  7 x LEDs 480nm (510nm emission filter) / 1 x white LED blue light for green fluorescence
GRFBY 4 x LEDs 480nm / 4 x LEDs 575nm (510nm/610nm emission filter) blue and yellow light for green and red fluorescence
YFGW  7 x LEDs 525nm (570nm emission filter) / 1 x white LED green light for yellow fluorescence
RFYW  7 x LEDs 575nm (610nm emission filter) / 1 x white LED yellow light for red fluorescence
DFRW  7 x LEDs 620nm (650nm emission filter) / 1 x white LED

Eyepiece Cameras
X  30mm and 3.5mm adapters
C  C-mount
U  Universal (fit over the eyepiece rather than inside)