Dino-Lite Premier AD4112NT 10x-50x~220x, TV/AVI 640x480 Handheld Analog Microscope

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  • 10x-220x zoom magnification
  • TV(NTSC) / AV Video output
  • 640 x 480 resolution
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • 8 White LED On/Off
  • Magnification scroll lock
  • 2 year warranty
  • Recommended for professional use

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Premier AD4112NT 10x ~ 220x TV/AVI Handheld Digital Microscope   $299.00
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Microscope: Premier AD4112NT 10x ~ 220x TV/AVI Handheld Digital Microscope

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  • Dino-Lite Premier AD4112NT digital microscope
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Microscope Summary

The Dino-Lite Premier AD4112NT offers 10x~50x, and 220x variable magnification with AV/TV output to TV or direct to monitor. The open-face nozzle is removable and can be replaced with the dust cap for harsher operating environments or used without any cap for flexible working distances. The microscope also features a useful magnification scroll-lock and a MicroTouch button to control illumination. The series comes with a standard open-face nozzle, along with a sealed transparent cap nozzle designed to protect the microscope from dust, debris and moisture. Eight built-in white LEDs power illumination and there is a useful magnification scroll lock for repetitive viewing at the same magnification.

Microscope Features

  • 10x~50x, 220x Variable Magnification
  • TV/Analog Output
  • Removable Nozzle Cap
  • 640x480 Resolution
  • Microtouch button for lighting control
  • Scroll lock to fix magnification
  • Accessories:Carry Pouch.
  • Recommended for professional use


Dino-Lite offer a wide range of stands, which are recommended for all but the lowest magnification levels. For your convenience, we have selected some of the more popular stands for this microscope. Simply select one above which are offered as optional items above.

Optional MSD10 Portable LCD DVR

The optional MSD10 Portable digital video recorder is the perfect companion to your AD4012NT Dino-Lite microscope. Plug it in and go anywhere in the factory, laboratory or out in the field to inspect objects, capture images and record up to 4 hours worth of video on a single charge. Package includes RCA to USB, and RCA for viewing on a computer or TV, along with an AC adapter for ultimate versatility. Simply select prior to checkout.

Dino-Lite AD4112NT Demonstration Video


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  • Premier AD4112NT 10x ~ 220x TV/AVI Handheld Digital Microscope
    Brand Dino-Lite
    SKU AD4112NT
    Notes Same as AM412MNT without the Metal Shell (LEDs On/Off)
    Product Weight 0.4600
    Product Length 4 in
    Product Width 1.26 in
    Dino-Lite Series Premier
    Special Features Interchangeable Nosecone, MicroTouch Trigger, TV Output
    Body Material All-Metal
    Magnification Range 10x–50x, 220x
    Magnification Type Distance Variable
    Minimum Working Distance Full Contact
    Illumination Type LED
    Illumination Output White Light
    Focus Controls Coarse
    Focus Mechanism Rotary
    Resolution NTSC 480 Line, 510x496 pixels
    Camera Interface RCA Composite Video
    Power Source External Power Supply
    Head Type Digital Only
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Exposure Control Automatic
    White Balance Automatic
    Included Accessories FC-OC1 Open nozzle, FC-CC1 Sealed nozzle, Cradle stand, Deluxe storage bag, video cable, AC adapter
    Certifications CE, RoHS
    Camera Warranty 2 Years

  • MSAA112B Diffuser for AD Series
    Brand Dino-Lite
    SKU MSAA112B
    Product Weight 0.1000
    Product Length 3
    Product Width 2
    Product Height 2

  • WF-10 Mobile WiFi Adapter
    Brand Dino-Lite
    SKU WF-10
    Product Display
    New Yes
Magnification Chart
AM4XXX/70XX & AD4XXX/70XX (with cap)  
 MAG 10X 20X 30X 40X 50X



 WD (mm)  169 mm 48 mm 21 mm 9 mm 1.9 mm Touch 2.1 mm
 FOV (mm) 50 x 37  19.6x 15.6  13 x 10.4  9.8 x 7.8  7.8 x 6.4  2 x 1.6 1.6 mm x 1.3
 WD (inch)  6.6 in 1.9 in 0.85 in 0.35 in 0.07 in Touch 0.08 in
 FOV (inch)  1.97 x 1.46  0.77 x 0.62  0.51 x 0.41  0.39 x 0.31  0.31 x 0.25  0.07 x 0.05  0.06 x 0.04
 DOF (mm)   3 mm 0.8 mm   0.88 mm ~ 0.19 mm