Dino-Lite Premier AM4115T-RFYW Red Fluorescence (610 nm) Digital Microscope

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  • 10x~50x, 220x Variable magnification
  • Red Fluorescing Illumination (610 nm)
  • 1.3 MP Color resolution
  • Measuring software with calibration slide for accuracy
  • PC/Mac & UVC compatible
  • USB 2.0 Output
  • Recommended for mCherry specimens

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Premier AM4115T-RFYW Red Fluorescence (610 nm) Digital Microscope   $849.00
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Microscope: Premier AM4115T-RFYW Red Fluorescence (610 nm) Digital Microscope

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  • Premier AM4115T-RFYW Red Fluorescence Digital Microscope


The Dino-Lite AM4115T-RFYW offers 10x~50x and 220x variable magnification and includes 7 YELLOW Fluorescing LED illumination (610nm). It also presents measuring software, a useful scroll lock feature that locks your desired magnification into place and a touch trigger mechanism for taking still pictures. It is PC, Mac and UVC compatible.

Red Fluorescence Lighting

The AM4115T-RFYW features one white LED and 7 YELLOW LEDs with an excitation wavelength of 575 nm and an emission filter wavelength of 610nm, making it ideal for observing red fluorescing tissues in mCherry and microangiography analysis on specimens for which is has become a popular choice. It is equipped with a new sensor featuring YuY2 codec which uses less compression for a higher quality image and more accurate white balance compensation.

AM4115T Series Features

The AM4115T family of Dino-Lite microscopes all feature 10x~50x, and 220x (10x~92x for the 'L' series) variable magnification, 8-LED illumination and a tough ABS plastic shell encasing a 1.3MP color CMOS sensor. The series offers MicroTouch image capture, video frame rates up to 30 fps and the ability to save files in BMP, JPG and AVI format. Professional-quality imaging results can be viewed on any computer via high speed USB 2.0 output and the included DinoCapture (for PC) or DinoXcope (for MAC) software.

In addition, the AM4115T series also features a second-generation housing with a smoother focus wheel movement and a handy thumb wheel scroll lock.  Once your magnification is set, slide the tab to the "Lock" position to secure the thumb-wheel. This keeps your image in sharp focus without further effort, a real time-saver when handling the microscope during repetitive observations. The USB cable is also reinforced for improved durability and protection.

DinoScope Software

Dino-Lite USB 2.0 software is compatible with both PC (DinoCapture 2.0) and Mac (DinoXcope) computers. We have found the software to be robust and reliable. It enables image capture, video and time lapse video while measuring capabilities include linear and geometric as well as circular and point-to-line. Notations can be added and edited.

>You can capture an image by clicking in the easy-to-use software or, on T models, simply tap the button on the housing. It is worth noting that the color resolution is excellent due to the fixed white-balance calibration which is set at the factory using a jeweler's color balance. Finally, the software enables frame import or export, notations and output to BMP and JPG.

DinoVision Software

There is also additional, FREE software available for download: DinoVision enables easy image drag-and-drop, split, overlay and comparison, which has proven useful for Forensic Scientists and more sophisticated users where image manipulation is important.

Demonstration Video

Mobile Scope Android App

The new Mobile Scope app for Android (Android 4.0 or higher, & Nexus 5, 7, 10) now allows this Dino-Lite microscope to connect directly to Android devices via convenient USB or micro-USB. Download the Mobile Scope app from the Google Play store and connect a compatible Dino-Lite device for fast live video streaming and image capture from anywhere. The $9.99 app includes a free trial evaluation period. Some devices may require a USB to micro-USB connector, available at most computer stores.

Mobile Scope Demo Video


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  • Premier AM4115T-RFYW Red Fluorescence (610 nm) Digital Microscope
    Brand Dino-Lite
    SKU AM4115T-RFYW
    Product Weight 0.7
    Product Length 4 in
    Product Width 1.26 in
    Product Display
    New Yes
    Dino-Lite Series Premier
    Special Features Android USB Connect, Fluorescence, Measuring, MicroTouch Trigger, UV / Infrared Light
    Body Material ABS Plastic
    Magnification Range 10x–50x, 220x
    Magnification Type Fixed
    Minimum Working Distance Full Contact
    Illumination Type LED, Fluorescent
    Illumination Output Ultraviolet
    Focus Controls Coarse
    Focus Mechanism Rotary
    Resolution 1.3 Megapixel, 1280x1024 pixels
    Camera Interface WiFi, USB 2.0
    Power Source USB Powered
    Head Type Digital Only
    Sensor Type CMOS
    FPS @ Max Res 15 fps
    FPS @ Min Res 30 fps
    Exposure Control Automatic, Manual
    White Balance Automatic, Manual
    Software Included DinoCapture (Win), DinoXcope (Mac)
    Driver API Compatibility DirectX
    File Formats BMP, JPEG, PNG
    Supported Operating Systems Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Mac OSX 10.5+
    System Requirements 2GB RAM Recommended, 2Ghz+ CPU Recommended, At least P4-class CPU, Intel Mac Required for OSX Support, USB 2.0 High Speed Port
    Certifications CE, RoHS
    Cable Length 6 ft
    Camera Warranty 2 Years

  • WF-10 Mobile WiFi Adapter
    Brand Dino-Lite
    SKU WF-10
    Product Display
    New Yes