Model No



Hanging Bar

Horizontal Pole

Pole Height






Single Arm


Solid metal arm Only with OM-XTL & OM-99 heads 19.75 15.0 36 Most popular, industrial QC stand. Solid, affordable.
GX4 Single Arm
Package price Yes 16.00 17.00 32 Best selling package due to value pricing.
V10 Single Arm 4" Extension arm Yes 24.0 20.00 48

Convenient 4" extension bar enables easier adjustments.
Heaviest single arm boom stand.

V6 Dual Arm Affordable dual arm Yes 25.00 19.50 63 Heaviest boom stand. Excellent stability and value.
V7 Articulated Arm

360° rotation
Folds into 13" x 13"

Yes 30.50 21.00 57

Popular with Engravers. Mid-section is removable for greater
stability. Folds into comact space.

V15 Dual Arm Ball bearing, "Continuous
Glide" motion
Yes 24.00 20.25 52

Premium stand. Joy to use. SMooth operation plus easy-to-use,
spring-loaded adjustment lever.

Meiji Techno              
S-4100 Single Arm
Standard Yes 20.87 15.74 42 Solid single arm boom stand.
S-4200 Single Arm
Tall pole Yes 20.87 24.00 42 Similar to S-4100 with taller pole.