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A European Revolution! Euromex Microscopes offer equivalent optical quality to Nikon and Olympus but at a fraction of the price.

Now available in the US, exclusively online from, Euromex provides compelling microscopy solutions for the most demanding Life Science Research Laboratories and Schools that require the highest quality optics without high price tags.

  • Highest quality European optics for demanding Life Science Research
  • Up to 60% lower pricing than Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus or Leica
  • Intelligent design features and European craftsmanship
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Life Sciences Research

Biological Microscopes

Join the revolution, now!
iScope - For rigorous Life Science Research and Laboratories. Eye-opening optics at extraordinary low prices. Packed with intelligent and genuinely useful features.

Prices start at $937.00

BioBlueLab - Plan and plan phase IOS Infinity optics designed for High Schools, Veterinarians and colleges.

Prices start at $724.00

Schools & Students

Compound &
Stereo Microscopes

Join the revolution, now!
BlueLine - Offering a selection of compound and stereo microscopes designed for rugged use in the classroom, the BlueLine all include the innovative NeoLED™ that enables higher resolution.

Prices start at $195.00

Material Sciences

Stereo Microscopes

Join the revolution, now!
NexiusZoom - One of the best value research grade stereo microscopes new available in the US. Equivalent to Nikon SMZ 645 and Olympus SZ 61.

Prices start at $679.00