Lowest Price Guarantee

You are guaranteed the lowest price at Microscope.com. If you find a lower priced item from a competitor of the specific item, we will offer you the same lower price plus the difference in price.

To keep it fair and reasonable, the following simple rules apply:

1. Price means the price of the item plus the cost of shipping if Shipping is not included in the price of the item. 

2. Competing prices must be from an authorized reseller of the relevant item located in the United States. It goes without saying that gray market items are excluded!

3. The item must be the identical item with no modification at all.

4. Auction sites such as EBay, Yahoo Auction etc are excluded as are daily deal websites and sites requiring a log in are excluded. 

5. Discontinued merchandise, gray market merchandise, merchandise on which identification codes or numbers have been removed or defaced, demo and exclusive models, floor or factory samples, open box items, promotional items, used merchandise and taxes are all exempt.

6. To claim your lower offer, simply email us the URL where you found the item for less or send us a copy of the quote. We normally respond immediately during working hours or on Monday following a weekend.


That's it! We look forward to being of service.