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Meiji Techno RZB-P Zoom CMO Stereo Microscope System

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  • Plain Stand
  • 3.75x-300x superb optical quality
  • Common main objective
  • 10:1 Zoom ratio & Parallel optical paths
  • Dual iris diaphragms
  • 12 positive click stops
  • Optional coaxial vertical illumination
  • Anti static finish
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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RZ-B CMO Stereo Zoom Body   $1,950.00
RZP Pole Stand   $450.00
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  • $11.00
  • $11.00
  • $260.00
  • $1,768.00

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Microscope : RZ-B CMO Stereo Zoom Body

Stand: RZP Pole Stand

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  • Meiji RZ-P Zoom CMO Stereo Microscope System


The RZB-P combines Meiji's CMO type zoom stereo microscope body with binocular microscope head and plain stand for a research stereo microscope of exacting quality. Please call for a large large variety of optional items including alternative illumination.

RZ-B Microscope Body

The RZ-B is the central component of any RZ system. The zoom optics have a 10:1 zoom ratio and a base zoom magnification of 7.5x to 75x with a 1.0x main objective. Depending on your selection of eyepieces and objectives, this translates into an total magnification range of 3.75x to 300x. The zoom controls indicate magnification at 12 positive click-stops throughout the zoom range, making photograph framing and measuring easily repeatable and consistent. Dual-iris diaphragms offer excellent control over resolution, contrast, and depth of field. The zoom optics are housed in a rugged aluminum alloy body for increased stability and durability, and all components are coated with an anti-static finish to protect sensitive specimens.

Choose from one of five plan achromat objective lenses: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.0x, 1.5x or 2.0x.

Viewing Head

There are two types of viewing head. MA748 standard binocular head is inclined 45° with an interpupillary adjustment range of 46mm-75mm. Alternatively, MA749 Ergonomic head offers adjustable viewing angles through 10°-50°, also with 52mm-75mm interpupillary adjustment.

Choose two eyepieces from a selection of Ultra Widefield eyepieces: 10x/FN24, 15x/FN16 or 20x/FN12 all with reticle mounts. All eyepieces are high eyepoint and focusable. Please call for optional reticles.


<Plain stand with aluminum alloy base, anti-static finish, safety collar, 94.5mm diameter reversible black and white stage plate, and two stage clips. Pillar 280mm x 255mm x 35mm. Pillar height: 325mm.


In this configuration, we offer the optional 6V 30W vertical coaxial illumination system. This system requires the coaxial illuminator, 3/4" waveplate and transformer. Please check all three boxes when adding to cart. Alternatively, please call for a wide variety of alternative illumination.

Specifications of Component Options

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  • RZ-B CMO Stereo Zoom Body
    Head Type Binocular
    Optical Design Parallel CMO
    Magnification Type Zoom
    Ocular Tube Diameter 30.5 mm
    Barlow Mount Diameter 50 mm
    Diopter Adjustment Dual
    Interpupillary Adjustment Arc (Seidentopf)
    Interpupillary Adjustment Range 54mm - 75mm
    Trinocular Standard 23mm DIN
    Head Rotation 360 Degrees
    Zoom Ratio 1:10
    Zoom Control Type Detent Click-Stops
    Zoom Indicator Graduations Yes
    Parfocal Yes
    Included Eyepieces (X) 10X
    Body Material All-Metal
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) 23mm , C-Mount
    Available Imaging Mounts 0.265X C-Mount, 0.3X C-Mount, 0.45X C-Mount, 0.5X C-Mount, 0.63X C-Mount, 0.6X C-Mount, 0.7X C-Mount, 1.0X C-Mount, 2.5X C-Mount, Open C-Mount (no lens)
    Head Ring Mount Diameter 84 mm
    Max Working Distance (standard) 78mm
    Reticles Available? Yes
    Reticle Diameter (10X Eyepiece) 25mm OD
    Reticle Diameter (15X Eyepiece) 19mm OD
    Reticle Diameter (20X Eyepiece) 19mm OD

  • RZP Pole Stand
    Stand Class Pedestal
    Stand Type Pole
    Stage Plate Black/White Contrast Plate
    Post Diameter 20 mm
    If FB Mounts Direct
    Focus Block Mount Diameter 20 mm
    If FB Integrated
    Focus Controls Coarse
    Focus Mechanism Rack & Pinion
    Head Ring Mount Diameter 84 mm

  • MA740 0.5x Plan Objective

    MA741 0.75x Plan Objective

    MA742 1.0x Plan Objective

    MA743 1.5X Plan Objective

    MA744 2.0X Plan Objective
    SKU MA740MA741MA742MA743MA744
    Warranty Meiji Limited Lifetime WarrantyMeiji Limited Lifetime WarrantyMeiji Limited Lifetime WarrantyMeiji Limited Lifetime WarrantyMeiji Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Compatible With MT5*, MT6*MT5*, MT6*MT5*, MT6*MT5*, MT6*MT5*, MT6*
    Objective Lens PlanPlanPlanPlanPlan
    Objective Lens Power 0.5x0.75x1.0x1.5x2x

  • MA730 UWF 10X Eyepiece for RZ Series

    MA732 UWF 15X Eyepiece for RZ Series

    MA734 UWF 20X Eyepiece for RZ Series
    SKU MA730MA732MA734
    Warranty Meiji Limited Lifetime WarrantyMeiji Limited Lifetime WarrantyMeiji Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Notes Included in Meiji MT5000 and MT6000 Series microscopes.Included in Meiji MT5000 and MT6000 Series microscopes.Included in Meiji MT5000 and MT6000 Series microscopes.
    Compatible With MT5*, MT6*MT5*, MT6*MT5*, MT6*
    Eyepiece Magnification 10x15x20x

  • MA768 UWH10X Eyeshields (pair) for RZ Series

    MA769 UHW15x Eyeshields (pair) for RZ Series

    MA770 UWH20x Eyeshields (pair) for RZ Series
    SKU MA768MA769MA770
    Compatible With MT5*, MT6*, MA817MT5*, MT6*, MA817MT5*, MT6*, MA817

  • MA651/05 Illumination Transformer

    COX 6V/30W Coaxial Illuminator
    SKU MA651/05COX
    Warranty Meiji Limited Lifetime Warranty 
    Compatible With EMZ-1, EMZ-2*, EMZ-5*, EMZ-6, EMZ-9, EMZ-13*, EMZ-8*, EMZ-10, Z-7100FL151, FL152
Product Manuals
  • Meiji RZ Series Stereo Microscope Manual: Download PDF [2.4M]