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  1. OptixCam

    OCS-HDMI-1080PU 2.0MP PC / MAC 60 FPS Digital Microscope Camera

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    • High definition 1080P HDMI or USB2.0 output (PC or MAC)
    • Streaming HDMI output direct to monitor or TV at 60 fps
    • HDMI capture resolution of 2.0MP
    • Auto white balance for color accuracy
    • Included memory card slot

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  2. Motic

    BTU8 iPad/Android WiFi Tablet Microscope Camera with 8-Inch LCD Display

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    • Vivid 8-inch LCD Capacitive Touch screen
    • Wireless iPad and Android compatible
    • Sharp 5.0MP image capture or 720p streaming WiFi video
    • Mini HDMI, Bluetooth 3.1 and Micro SD card output
    • Quad Core 1.6Ghz CPU running Android 4.2 OS

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