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Compound Microscope Packages

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The perfect Gift for the budding microscopist or the enthusiastic hobbyist in your family. These compound microscopes are combined with four different accessory packs to suit different budgets.

Compound microscopes are used for viewing cell samples mounted on microscope slides. They are recommended for kids with inquiring minds and the ability to grasp more abstract items that are implicit in two-dimensional (flat) images of cell structures. To view larger specimens such as insects and crystals, go to Stereo Microscope Gift Packages.


The advantage of a compound microscope is the opportunity for cross-generational participation - a chance for Grandpa and Grandma to join in the fun of choosing a specimen and then preparing the slide. Maybe a piece of onion, a cheek swab or pond water?

Microscope Accessory Packs

You can select one of three essential starter accessory packs designed to meet different budgets:

  • Pack 1: 5 Prepared Slides and the excellent book World of the Microscope
  • Pack 2: Slide & Stain Kit plus Book – everything you need to get started. - RECOMMENDED
  • Pack 3: Slide Starter Kit , 15 Prepared Slides and Book – a good mix to start.

Want to save more and create an instant digital microscope? Add any USB digital microscope camera and save an extra 10% off the camera.

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