Gift Packs

Type of Microscopes

  • Compound: High power microscopes for viewing cells on microscope slides
  • Stereo: Low Power microscopes for viewing larger specimens such as insects, crystals, flowers....
  • Digital: Low power or high power microscopes with integrated microscope cameras - OR for greater savings, simply add a digital microscope camera to a standard microscope. 


High on 'WOW' factor, the DIno-Lite digital microscopes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Good quality, easy-to-use with included software, they are suitable for all ages above 3 years and make a really exciting Holiday gift. Buy them individually or with a choice of engaging accessory kits such as Forensic & Fingerprints, Rock Hounds or Owl Pellets.

RECOMMENDED DINO-LITE MODELS: AM2111, AM3111, AM3111T, AM411T - ideal for the kids!

Microscope Accessory Packs

All compound microscope packages include a choice of one accessory pack designed to meet different budgets:

  • Pack 1: 5 Prepared Slides and the excellent book World of the Microscope
  • Pack 2: Slide & Stain Kit plus Book – everything you need to get started. - RECOMMENDED
  • Pack 3: Slide Starter Kit , 15 Prepared Slides and Book – a good mix to start.