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Motic Moticam Pro 282A 5.0MP CCD Color Digital Camera

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  • High Refresh Rate
  • Sharp 5.0MP Color Resolution
  • DS & Twain Compatible
  • PC/MAC Compatible
  • Intuitive Software

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We're delighted to introduce Motic North America's new 2012 line of professional CCD-powered, digital microscope cameras. Available in 12 different models, they feature Sony's patented ICX range of CCD sensors and deliver progressive scan, low-light sensitivity and a host of high-fidelity software solutions for vivid image capture and documentation.  

The Moticam 282A is designed around a 2/3" Sony Color CCD sensor offering high-uniformity output, a wide dynamic range and a low noise environment, ideal for low-light and fluorescence microscopy.

A rugged metal housing makes this unit appropriate for use in both scientific and industrial environments, and will provide years of trouble-free operation. It is also easy to install and use. The included C-ring will mate to a standard C-mount adapter, transforming an ordinary microscope into a multimedia demonstration, analysis and documentation platform.

Note: For best results, we recommend the camera-specific Motic C-mount Adapter, available as an option prior to checkout.


The supplied Motic Images Advanced 3.2 software is a complete imaging platform featuring measurement, analysis and collaboration functions. Users will find a familiar interface matched to their Windows or Macintosh system (Mac users will need Motic Images Plus software, a free download from Motic), complete with editing and live transmission features.

With its built-in Multi-focus and Assembly programs, Motic Images Advanced 3.2 allows manual segmentation, 3D representation of pixel values, and time-lapse images turned into movies. With Multi-Focus, images can be assembled in the Z-axis, while Assembly lets you build a large image from several segments, automatically finding the optimum placement for each image.

The built-in 4-frame image buffer ensures faster and more consistent frame rates, while an on-board image processor enables white balance and color correction right from the camera itself, before it reaches your computer. The included software development kit allows immediate integration into your own software.

A host of flexible geometric measuring options are available, as well as fluorescence analysis or segmentation by RGB or Gray Scale. Captured images can be easily edited with notes, voice narration, or measurement tags and shared or used for multimedia presentations.

External Trigger Port (TTL) integrates the camera into an event-specific trigger function for added versatility. The software also includes TWAIN and Direct Show drivers, allowing simple integration with a wide range of commercial and scientific imaging software.   

In response to growing demand, all Moticam cameras now integrate fully into Media Cybernetics Image Pro Plus 7, with the relevant plug-in from Motic Support or Media Cybernetics.

Motic’s new range of professional CCD cameras deliver affordable, flexible, high-quality images to a broad variety of applications, making them our most versatile camera line and a welcome addition to any scientific or research laboratory.

Motic Part # 1100600100501


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