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Crime Scene Investigation Gift Package

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  • The Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffer
  • Explore your Crime Scene
  • 288 pages filled with 60 engaging lessons
  • Four Sections: Tech, Earth, Life & Physical Science
  • Standard FBI classifications
  • Four-color step-by-step fingerprint guide
  • Elementary School Kit recommended for Ages 6-11
  • Middle School Kit recommended for Ages 11-17

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  • Crime Scene Investigations Kit
  • Crime Scene Investigations Kit 2
  • Crime Scene Investigations Fingerprint Kit
  • Crime Scene Investigations Kit sample 2
  • Crime Scene Investigations Kit sample 1

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for your young explorer!


This holiday season, treat the young scientist in your family to the Omano Crime Scene Investigations kit. This offer includes a complete fingerprint kit and your choice of 1 age-appropriate book for crime scene investigations, in a budget-friendly package perfect for any gift or stocking stuffer.

Elementary School Book

Wiley's excellent introductory book for budding Forensic Scientists contains 60 exciting lessons for both school and home use. Challenge your kids to observe carefully, to think critically, organize and record data, as well as to conduct simple tests to solve crimes that range from theft and dog-napping to vandalism and water pollution. The book is organized into four sections: Inquiry & Technology; Earth Science; Life Science and Physical Science. Recommended for grades 3-6.

Middle School Book

Wiley's excellent intermediate book makes for an engaging companion, stimulating your students in critical thinking, careful observations, detailed recording and simple testing not to mention the sheer fun of being a forensic scientist!

288 pages packed with information and investigations for students. All activities include complete background information with step-by-step procedures for the teacher and reproducible student worksheets. Whatever the teacher's training or experience in teaching science, Crime Scene Investigations can be an intriguing supplement to instruction. Recommended for grades 6-12.

Fingerprint Kit

Fulfill your ambition to become a science sleuth with this wonderful fingerprint kit! Dust that muddy fingerprint on the wall with black powder and learn how to lift them with clear stickers. Who in the family was the culprit? Design a fingerprint file card and collect prints from your friends and family. Learn how the FBI classifies fingerprints. Learn why our fingers leave prints and why they are such solid evidence in criminal investigations...and then.....go solve the crime!

Caution: Set contains chemicals which may be harmful if misused. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.

Kit includes the following:

  • Graphite dusting powder
  • Magnifying lens
  • 36 Clear lift stickers
  • Ink pad
  • Small bellows
  • 10 Fingerprint collection cards
  • 10 Fingerprint file cards
  • Four-color instruction guide

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  • Crime Scene Investigations Book - Grade 3-6

    Crime Scene Investigations Book - Grade 6-12
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