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Omano Jeweler's 20X Magnifying Loupe

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  • 20X Magnifier with Chrome Finish
  • Metal Body, Glass Optics
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 21mm size

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  • OMA20L Jeweler's 20X Magnifying Loupe
  • OMA20L Jeweler's 20X Magnifying Loupe Case

Super Gift Idea!

Whether you use it to examine jewelry or gems, look inside the movement of a watch or inspect catalog coins and stamps,this is a very useful tool to have with you and a great gift idea. Also handy for hobby work and mold making, discovering the intricacy of a small flower or butterfly wing, picking out a sliver, admiring miniature art, viewing photography or reading the "fine print" of a document.

Equipped with triple magnifying glass on a single frame, this loupe has a generous 21mm diameter lens with 20X magnification power...allowing for wider field, real close up look. When this loupe is folded and stored in its protective handle, it can be easily carried in the front pocket of a shirt or in the inner compartment of a purse, but we'd recommend storing it in the included plastic case.

Dimensions and Specifications:

    26mm wide
    40mm long closed; 64mm long open
    19mm thick lens: 21mm wide GLASS LENS
    20x magnification power
    approximately 24mm focus distance
    weight: 61 grams
    chrome finish full metal body
    Eyelet for neck chains, sashes or key rings
    Gift/Storage Fitted Box Included

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Jeweler's 20X Magnifying Loupe
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • 20X Magnifier with Chrome Finish
  • Metal Body, Glass Optics
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 21mm size
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