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Omano Plain Glass Hemacytometer with 3 Cover Slips

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  • Cell depth 0.100mm
  • Volume 0.1 microliter
  • Improved Neubauer ruling pattern
  • Beveled edges for safety
  • Includes 3 cover slips

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  • OMSK-HEMA Hemacytometer Slide Set
  • OMSK-HEMA Hemacytometer Grid View
  • OMSK-HEMA Grid View with Sample

Many microscopy applications such as microbiology, blood work, apiculture and veterinary science require counting the number of cells, mites or other organisms within a known volume of fluid. The hemacytometer is a useful tool for this work and consists of a thick glass microscope slide with a grid of perpendicular lines etched in the middle. The grid has specific dimensions of height, width and depth, so that the space covered by the lines is known. This in turn, makes it possible to count the number of cells in a specific volume of solution, and determine the concentration of cells, mites or organisms in the fluid overall.

To use the hemocytometer, place the cover slip on the surface of the counting chamber. Use a dropper to place a drop of sample fluid on the edge of the cover slip at the top of the grid. Capillary action will fill the counting chamber with the sample. The number of cells in the chamber can then be determined by direct counting using a microscope. The concentration is found by dividing the number of cells in the chamber by the chamber's volume.

Our Hemacytometer features 2 counting chambers for flexibility and 45-degree beveled edges for safe handling. Package includes 1 Hemacytometer slide and 3 cover slips.
Dimensions: 74mm x 33mm x 4.75mm

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Plain Glass Hemacytometer with 3 Cover Slips
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • Cell depth 0.100mm
  • Volume 0.1 microliter
  • Improved Neubauer ruling pattern
  • Beveled edges for safety
  • Includes 3 cover slips
Product Weight 0.7 lbs
Product Length 3"
Product Width 1"
Feed - Title Omano Plain Glass Hemacytometer with 3 Cover Slips
Feed - Description * See related article by Randy Oliver on detecting nosema.With the Omano OM36-L Beekeeper Special microscope, you can diagnose hive infections within seconds in the bee yards! Simple to use, this microscope empowers you to make an informed decision, quickly without the need for lengthy sampling and costly Lab analysis. Inspired and recommended by popular writer and beekeeper, Randy Oliver, we are delighted to be able to offer this special microscope package as a small contribution towards the challenges facing beekeepers with CCD. Includes microscope, carrying case and slide starter kit. "It is greatly surprising to me that with the great interest by beekeepers in Nosema ceranae, how few actually make the effort to monitor the levels of this parasite in their colonies! Even more surprising is that, despite the considerable expense, many blindly treat their colonies without having any idea as to whether their bees are actually infected!" Randy OliverMicroscope OpticsThe OM36-L includes a binocular or optional trinocular Seidentopf microscope head inclined at an ergonomic 45 degrees. The head rotates 360 degrees for flexible viewing positions and includes two Wide Field WF10x eyepieces and rubber eyecups for improved viewing. The oculars both have diopters that enable individual eye focusing while the head can be adjusted through 55-75mm to adapt for different interpupillary distances.There is a rear facing quadruple nosepiece with four parcentered, coated, parfocal, 185mm achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40x spring, 100x spring, oil immersion). Both the 40x and 100x objectives are spring-loaded to mitigate the risk of damage on the slide. Magnification levels include 40x, 100x, 400x and 1,000x unless optional higher power eyepieces are used. A 23mm camera adapter is included with the trinocular version. Tip: Once you have focused the microscope using the 4x and 10x objective lenses, use the 40x objective lens to Nosema Ceranae infections.Stage & FocusThe OM36 series includes an oversize double-layered, graduated mechanical stage that measures 110mm x 120mm. The range of X-Y movement is 70mm x 25mm and the stage includes a spring-loaded slide clamp for exact positioning of the specimen. The stage is controlled by convenient dropdown, coaxial coarse/fine controls so the viewer can operate the stage 'eyes down'. Focusing includes high quality rack and pinion mechanics for longer life and coaxial focus controls for easier focusing. We recommend coaxial coarse/fine focus controls since they enable 'eyes down' focusing. In other words, the viewer does not constantly need to look up in order to find the other focus control. This benefit is important in enhancing a student's experience and therefore in encouraging a more sustained interest in the microscope. Safety features include a rack stop to ensure that the stage does not impact with the objectives and thereby break the slides and a slip clutch control to mitigate the risk of damaging the focus controls through over extension.Condenser & Illumination The condenser is a professional Abbe 1.25 N. A with iris diaphragm for optimal adjustments. Transmitted rechargeable LED illumination includes variable intensity. The LED version requires one 30 minute charge to be used out in the bee yards all day long.Included AccessoriesWe have included a padded nylon carrying case with this microscope to protect it in transit to and from the bee yards. At our request, the case has more padding than competing products. Finally, to get you started, our OMSK-1SP slide starter kit is included. The kit includes 50 blank slides, 100 cover slips, immersion oil, 3 well slides, lens cleaning paper and a pipette - everything you need to start diagnosing yourself!AccessoriesAccessories include Eyecups, Nylon Case, OMSK1SP slide starter kit, Dust Cover, Manual, Spare Bulb, Spare Fuse, Immersion oilRead Randy Oliver's informative article on how to diagnose Nosema Ceranae - Click here Simple Microscopy of Nosema for Beekeepers> weight and dimensions: 16lb. 20"x14"x12"Omano OM36 Series
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