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Omano Reticle, 19mm Grid

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  • 19mm Reticle with 1.0mm x 1.0mm Grid
  • 10 divisions per side = 1.0mm
  • Fits OM88 Compound Microscope

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  • Omano Reticle, 19mm Grid

For accurate and convenient microscopic calibration and measurements we offer our 19mm Grid reticle - Grid Scale: 100 divisions = 1mm

We also offer the following optional reticle:

Linear Scale: 100 divisions = 1mm

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Reticle, 19mm Grid
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • 19mm Reticle with 1.0mm x 1.0mm Grid
  • 10 divisions per side = 1.0mm
  • Fits OM88 Compound Microscope
Notes For OM136C, OM36, OM88, OMM200, OMTM85, OMSH-1
Backorder ETA Apr 30, 2015
Feed - Title Omano Reticle, 19mm Grid
Feed - Description SPECIAL OFFER OVERSTOCK - OM88-T Trinocular with Halogen IlluminationThe Omano OM88 Clinical Microscope has been one of our two best selling compound binocular microscopes alongside the OM36 series. Popular with veterinarians and doctors for both its optics and sturdy design, it has been a workhorse that, in our opinion, offers one of the best value compound microscopes in the Omano range. Both WF10x and WF16x eyepieces are included so that with four objective lenses, the microscope offers eight magnification levels, 40x, 64x, 100x,160x, 400x, 640x, 1,000x and 1,600x. A double-layered mechanical stage, Abbe 1.25 N.A condenser with iris diaphragm and a choice of halogen or LED illumination complete a thoroughly professional microscope.OpticsThe OM88 includes a Gemel binocular or trinocular microscope head inclined at a more comfortable 30 degrees. The head rotates through 360 degrees for more flexible viewing and includes interpupillary adjustment of 55-75mm as well a dual diopters for individual eye focusing. Four parcentered, parfocal, coated achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40x spring, 100x spring, oil immersion) are set in a click stop nosepiece. They combine with the two sets of eyepieces to offer eight levels of magnification from 40x-1,600x. Both the 40x and 100x objectives are spring loaded to mitigate the risk of damage on the slide.Stage & FocusA large double-layered mechanical stage measures 123mm x132mm and includes spring-loaded slide clamp and dropdown coaxial controls for convenient 'eyes down' operation. The stage X-Y range of movement is 72mm x 32mm. Focusing includes high quality rack and pinion mechanics for longer life and coaxial coarse/fine focus controls for easier focusing. The fine focus scale value is 0.002mm. Safety features include a rack stop to ensure that the stage does not impact with the objectives and thereby break the slides, and a slip clutch control to mitigate the risk of damaging the focus controls through over extension."Condenser & IlluminationThe condenser is a professional Abbe 1.25 N. A with iris diaphragm and filter for optimal adjustments. Transmitted illumination is 110V 12V 20W halogen or LED with variable intensity.AccessoriesDust Cover, Manual, Spare Bulb (halogen), Spare Fuse, Immersion oil Wt. and dimensions: 16 Lb. 20"x14"x12". Wt. and dimensions with aluminum case: 27 Lb.190"x17"x11".Omano OM88 Series
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