MS35B Versatile Table Top Stand with 8" WD

  • Most popular industrial stand with 8" working distance
  • Lightweight and portable hands-free operation
  • 360-degree horizontal positioning
  • Holster mount pivots +/- 40 degrees for inclined viewing
  • Vernier control for precise vertical focusing

If working distance is what you seek with your digital microscope stand, Dino-Lite's Rigid Versatile Stand is the ideal choice. Not only does the MS35B tabletop stand allow for 8 inches of vertical working space from the specimen, but it also provides up to 360 degrees of horizontal axis rotational perspective.

It can be easily paired with the new Dino Lite MS15X XY+R Base with Removable Rotating Table which allows you to move a specimen on both the X and Y axis as well as rotate it 360 degrees in a steady, controlled manner.

The grip holster is fastened to a focus block by a ball-and-socket joint which pivots, providing 80 degrees of lateral viewing angles. The focus block offers rack and pinion action and 1.0" of vertical movement to fine-tune your image for optimum detail.

The stand is constructed of durable stainless steel and lightweight recycled aluminum, making it an ideal choice for lab work, pcb inspections and industrial assembly line quality check stations.

Dino-Lite Demonstration Video