IM-7530 Trinocular C

SKU: IM7530
Meiji inverted metallurgical brightfield/darkfield trinocular compound microscope with E. Planachromatic EPI Infinity-corrected Objectives, 500x magnification, flat-top stage, Koehler vertical 12V 50W Halogen illumination and coaxial, graduated focus controls. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

The Meiji IM-7500 series microscope line delivers the same robust performance and features of the IM-7000 series, and includes darkfield viewing capability, all at a price point well below other similarly-equipped instruments. The optical heart of the IM-7530 features 10X Super Widefield High Eyepoint eyepieces and (4) Planachromatic EPI infinity-corrected brightfield/darkfield objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x) set in a ball bearing-driven quintuple nosepiece.

The viewing head is inclined 30 degrees for viewing comfort and includes inter-pupillary adjustment of 53-75mm and graduated diopter settings on the left eye tube. Illumination is provided by a powerful, variable intensity, 12V 50W Koehler Halogen illuminator with a centering-socket for enhanced image quality.

The fixed mechanical stage offers 224mm x 184mm of polished surface area and 50mm by 40mm movement in the X-Y axis. Ergonomically positioned coaxial drop-down controls allow for exact positioning of the specimen.

For digital imagery work, an optional trinocular head features a sliding beam splitter which directs 100% of the light to the eyepieces or 100% to the trinocular port. The integrated front-mounted camera port and available adapters allow image capture from conventional 35mm, CCD and CMOS digital cameras.

All Meiji microscopes are manufactured under the strict guidelines established under ISO 9001:2000 Standards and are sold with Meiji Techno's limited lifetime warranty.