V7U U-Clamp Articulating Boom Stand

  • Articulating boom microscope stand
  • Heavy-duty U-clamp stand
  • Removable arm for greater stability
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


The V7 articulating boom base weighs 25 lbs yet folds into a 13 x13" space when not in use. Well-balanced and stable with smooth controlled movement, it has a removable first piece of the articulating arm offering even greater stability. The pole stands 21" high and the articulating arm has an effective horizontal extension of 35". The heavy-duty U-clamp is capable of securely mounting to work surfaces up to 2.5 inches thick. As with most Omano boom stands, a hanging bar is included that enables angled viewing positions. The hanging bar bracket is spring-loaded so that the lever can be moved out of the way without having to release the pre-set position of the microscope head.