80 LED Ring Light, Variable Intensity

  • NEW! 80 LED adjustable LED ring light
  • Long lasting, minimum 4,000 hours guaranteed
  • Cool, bright, shadow free illumination
  • 60mm internal diameter with included 48mm adapter ring
  • Adjustable dimmer switch for improved control
  • Auto switching power input 90V-265V

The new Omano 80 LED ring light offers a combination of cool, bright, shadow-free illumination with adjustable intensity control and affordable pricing. Designed to replace our 10W and 12W fluorescent ring lights, this light is an inexorable step away from fluorescent illumination in microscopy applications.

The light has an internal diameter of 60mm with adjustable retaining screws for smaller housings. An adapter is also included. For worry-free operation, the light includes auto-switching power input for use with 90V-265V power supplies.