Motic SMZ-143-FBGG 10X-40X Zoom Trinocular Stereo Microscope

  • Greenough 10X-40X zoom optical system
  • Trinocular head inclined 45 degrees
  • Included WideField 10X eyepieces
  • Large ergonomic platform stand
  • 1:4 zoom range with 80mm working distance
  • Recommended for industry and education


The Motic SMZ140 Educational and industrial series stereo microscope combines 10X-40X greenough zoom magnification with crisp optics, click-stop detents and a complete range of stands and illumination in a versatile, economical package. The rugged design is ideally suited for for a wide range of educational and technical applications from biological dissection, to printed circuit board inspection or archaeological research.


The Greenough zoom optical system generates a crisp, three-dimensional upright image through a binocular or trinocular head inclined 45 degrees and rotatable 360 degrees. Ergonomic 10X FN 20 widefield eyepieces are set in a Seidentopf movement with 54mm-76mm of interpupillary adjustment and +/- 5 degrees of dioptric adjustment. Dual zoom control knobs dial in a 1:4 zoom ratio for 10X to 40X total magnification and click-stop detents allow precise, repetitive observations. A generous working distance of 80mm (3.15") offers plenty of space to work on specimens under observation.

Focus & Illumination

The 76mm focus block features dual rack and pinion focus controls conveniently positioned and with tension adjustment for responsive and controlled movement. Lighting is controlled by variable intensity 12V/15W incident and 12V/10W transmitted halogen illumination.


The FBGG base features a 32mm vertical post and a wide platform base offering a large 330mm x 280mm working surface and transmitted halogen illumination from an integrated 110V - 220V universal power supply. Black/white and frosted stage plates and 2 spring clips are included.


Accessories include a blue filter, eyecups, manual and dust cover.