BA310BMet-H Wide Base Binocular Metallurgical Compound Microscope

SKU: BA310BMet-H
  • M Plan LWD Objectives (5X, 10X, 20X, 50X)
  • Color-Corrected Infinity Optical system
  • Reversed quintuple nosepiece
  • Epi illuminator with 12V 50W Halogen lamp house
  • Optional 12V 3W LED conversion module
  • Vertical mounting allows specimens up to 120mm thick
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


The new Motic BA310MET-H Advanced Metallurgical Series is designed to meet the performance demands of engineering professionals who need to study very large, opaque samples of metal, minerals and other similar materials. Innovative features include a vertical post mounted on a wide 300mm x 300mm base, a new generation of metallurgical M Plan achromatic objectives set in a reversed quintuple nosepipece and 10X eyepieces set in a 30-degree inclined Siedentopf binocular or trinocular head. A standard Epi-illuminator with 12V50W Halogen lamp house can be field-converted to 3W LED illumination with a simple plug-in module. A heavy-duty, extended-movement stage enhance a uniquely versatile system suited for a wide range of engineering and professional disciplines.


The optical system is designed around a new generation of Color Corrected Infinity System M Plan Achromatic objectives (5X, 10X, 20X, 50X) set in a reversed quintuple nosepiece. These new lenses are multilayer-coated for improved color fidelity and image enhancement. Widefield high-eyepoint N-WF10X eyepieces feature dual dioptric adjustment, 55mm x 75mm of interpupillary adjustment and include eyecups. The M Plan objectives also offer greatly increased working distances (8.2mm at 500X), rewarding user efforts with contaminant-free lenses and sharp visual results.

Stage & Focus

A hard-coated 180mm x 140mm rectangular stage mounts to a vertical post to ensure plenty of working distance below the objectives for observation of large, bukly samples up to 120mm thick. The stage is controlled by ergonomically-placed coaxial riser controls through 100mm x 80mm of XY movement. Focusing includes coarse/fine controls driving machined rack and pinion mechanics with a graduated scale of 0.002mm for precise image detail. Safety features include a rack-stop to prevent damage to the objective or sample and a slip clutch to minimize the risk of damage due to over-extension.


Our new Motic BA310MET-H Metallurgical series comes standard with 12V/50W Halogen illumination system with built-in power supply and lamp house. Like the Elite series, the innovative system can be converted from Halogen to LED simply by plugging an optional LED module (4500K or 6000K) into the Halogen lamp socket. The power supply is housed separately from the microscope to minimize unnecessary heat transfer. The Epi illuminator includes field and aperture diaphragms, both of which can be adjusted to minimize reflections and optimize performance.


Owners Manual, power cord, Hex Key, Eyecups, Vinyl dust cover.