Summit SK2-3.1X 3.1MP PC / MAC Compatible Digital Microscope Camera

  • 3.1 MP with excellent color resolution
  • MAC/PC compatible
  • Large 1/2" sensor for higher quality
  • Stills & Live Image video
  • 0.5x reducing lens for improved field of view
  • Integrated C-mount to fit most microscopes
  • Optional Calibration slide for accurate measurements
  • FREE telephone support


The new OptixCam Summit K2 Series 3.1MP digital microscope camera is an ideal tool for brightfield microscopic standard applications in research, biological science, education and industry that often require capturing, documenting and analyzing color images at optimum visibility. The 3.1MP design is the most commonly recommended resolution class for microscopy at high and very high magnification. It is also well-suited to both PC and Mac operating systems with software designed to get you up and running with both live and still imaging. The camera includes a C-mount adapter with 0.5X reducing lens and 23.2mm smooth bore for mounting on the eyetube or trinocular port of most microscopes. We highly recommend this camera for all general purpose applications such as industrial inspection, education and general microscopy use.

Summit K2 Series Features

The brand new OptixCam Summit K2 Series cameras represent the latest innovation in digital microscopy, built to meet the documentation demands of routine life science, industrial and educational applications at very competitive price-points. Designed around the proven Aptina MT9T001 CMOS color sensor, they share a broad dynamic range, progressive scan and 12-bit parallel resolution for accurate color replication and optimal image quality.

All Summit K2 Series microscope cameras share a rugged aluminum alloy body fitted with different size Aptina CMOS sensors depending on the model. They stand out for remarkable color reproduction as well as a large color palette for improved resolution and sensitivity. In addition, the included 0.5x reducing lens makes for an image that is significantly closer to that seen through the eyepieces with the naked eye. Robust documentation and measuring software is included with all the OptixCam K2 cameras along with a c-mount adapter with 23.2mm smooth bore to fit most microscopes.

Other features include fast refresh rates, auto/ manual exposure and white balance control, full screen live imaging, time-lapse photography and user-friendly image capture. In short, these microscope cameras offer a well-designed package at an affordable price. We recommend them for any standard photomicrography application where the primary requirements are image capture and documentation.


The included K2View software provides for excellent color rendering and fast image processing especially when capturing multiple images. Simple, intuitive and easy-to-use controls offer image capture, notation, geometric measuring and storage in JPG, BMP, TIFF, RAW format. The software also includes auto white balance, color enhancement, anti-flicker and other benefits. TWAIN and DirectX plug-ins are also included on the installation CD and are independent of the main driver, allowing discreet control of the camera for these applications.


Accessories include K2View Software CD, C-mount adapter with 23.2mm smooth bore and US2.0 cable. Camera dimensions: 58mm x 58mm x 32mm. Package Wt. 1.2 lb.