Edge AM4115-FJT 10X-220X Near IR (940nm) Handheld Digital Microscope

  • Full zoom 10x~220x Variable magnification
  • 8 Infrared (940nm) LED lights
  • State-of-the-art 1.3MP color imaging sensor
  • Software-controlled illumination
  • Interchangeable nozzle
  • PC/Mac compatible
  • Magnification scroll lock
  • USB 2.0 Output
  • Recommended for professional use


The brand new AM4115-FJT handheld digital microscope is the first Edge series microscope to feature near Infrared illumination (940nm). Key upgrades from the AD413T-I2V include a new generation Edge-series 1.3MP digital sensor with state-of-the-art design and 10X-220X continuous zoom magnification. The new sensor offers better image quality and sharpness with less aberration and vignetting, and the microscope also features detachable and interchangeable nose caps which change working distance and illumination.


Near IR Lighting

The AM4115-FJT includes 8 near-IR LEDs with 940nm wavelength, making it ideal for use in law enforcement investigations and counterfeit inspection duties. It is equipped with a new sensor featuring improved color resolution and more accurate white balance compensation. The IR lighting can be controlled by the software for optimum brightness required by laboratory research and inspection and forensics analysis.

Along with continuous zoom magnification, the new AM4115-FJT also features another "first" for the AM series, a new removable front cap, similar to those found only on the AD series microscopes. This allows for a wide variety of interchangeable caps including a sealed cap for dust protection, a diffuser cap for soft lighting contrast and an open collar for extended working distance. Used in combination, these optional caps provide additional imaging flexibility and can be removed for greater standoff working distance at high magnification settings.

The AM4115-FJT also incorporates the 2nd-generation housing with smoother focus wheel movement, magnification scroll lock and reinforced USB connection that resists twists and pulls. The magnification lock is particularly useful for repetitive inspection at a given level of magnification.

Standard features include 1.3 MP vivid color resolution with Microtouch image capture for more convenient snap shots. Simply touch the end of the microscope to take a picture. The microscope also enables live video (30fps) and time-lapse video. The microscope is PC/Mac compatible with included measuring software and a 2 year warranty.

Includes: Digital microscope, software CD, deluxe storage bag, detachable nozzle, calibration slide.

Optional Stands

Dino-Lite offer a wide range of stands, which are recommended for all but the lowest magnification levels. For your convenience, we have selected some of the more popular stands for this microscope. Simply select one of the above which are offered as optional items.


Dino-Lite includes software for both PC (DinoCapture 2.0) and Mac (DinoXcope) computers. PC software is compatible through Windows 7 and Mac through OSX 10.5 and later. We have found the software to be robust and reliable with some great features as follows: image capture, storage and email, live and time lapse video (up to 30fps), annotation, geotagging, full screen capability, auto and manual exposure control, picture within picture zoom (magnifier) and more. Measuring software is versatile and includes a calibration slide for accuracy. Measuring capabilities include linear and geometric as well as circular and point-to-line. Above all the color resolution is excellent due to fixed white-balance calibration which is set at the factory using a jeweler's color balance. Finally, images can be stored in a wide range of popular formats including JPG and BMP among others.

FREE DinoVision Software

There is also additional, free software available for download: DinoVision enables easy image drag-and-drop, split, overlay and comparison, which has proven useful for Forensic Scientists and more sophisticated users where image manipulation is important.

Demonstration Video