EMZ-8TRU Trinocular Stereo Head with Illuminator Port

Trinocular stereo microscope head with 7x - 45x zoom magnification, trinocular beam-splitter, near-vertical illumination, 360-degree rotation, 45-degree eyepiece inclination, 93mm working distance and dual dioptric adjustment.

The EMZ-8TRU trinocular stereo head is a Meiji workhorse, bringing exceptional optical quality in a compact, ergonomic design. With optional 10x eyepieces, the head offers smooth, zoom magnification from 7x - 45x while retaining focus throughout the zoom range. The trinocular port beam-splitter allows simultaneous viewing from all three eyetubes to easily facilitate on-screen displays and video applications with an appropriate digital camera.

The head also offers near-vertical illumination, making it ideal for imaging bores, voids or holes. The eyetubes are set at 45-degree inclination for viewing comfort, rotate 360-degrees, and include dual dioptric adjustments. Interpupillary eye adjustment is 54mm - 75mm and working distance is 81mm. Higher magnification is available with optional eyepieces and objectives.