JW11 Boom Stand (Requires Hanging Bar Bracket)

  • Machine-quality stainless steel posts
  • Wide base plate for stability
  • Included hardware and focus block
  • Heavy-duty solid-metal castings for durability
  • Industrial enamel finish
  • Requires hanging bar bracket and hanging bar

The Omano JW11 microscope base is a popular workhorse capable of covering 23 inches of horizontal reach and 10 inches of vertical movement through 360 degrees of sweep around the vertical post. The integrated focus block will pivot to just the right angle for optimum viewing, then lock securely in place.

It is a simple, solid and cost effective boom stand that is consistently popular with our electronics inspection customers who require an affordable stand that can withstand the rigors of multiple users on a factory inspection line or product testing lab. NOTE: Requires hanging bar bracket (OMHBB) and an appropriately-sized hanging bar, depending on the type of microscope head you intend to use. See below.

  • OM2300S - use 32mm hanging bar
  • OM99 - use 30mm hanging bar
  • Meijij EMZ - use 20mm hanging bar
  • VIDZ - use 25mm hanging bar

Stand assembly video: