Specialty Microscopes

Specialty Microscopes include a range of professional compound and stereo microscopes for more advanced or specialist microscopy applications. For example, fluorescence microscopes, polarizing and phase contrast, gemological and engraving microscopes as well as multi-headed teaching microscopes among others.

Microscope brands include Omano, Meiji Techno and Motic.

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  1. Omano

    OMFL400 Fluorescence Compound Microscope

    • Quintuple nosepiece
    • 4 Plan Objectives (PL4x, PL10x, PL40xS, PL100xS oil)
    • 2 FL objectives (FL25xG, FL40xSG)
    • Included centering telescope
    • 100W Mercury lamp and Brightfield halogen

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    Regular Price: $4,338.00

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  2. Omano

    OMFL600 Inverted Fluorescence Compound Microscope

    • Save over $1,000 on competing microscopes
    • 6 LWD Objectives - 3 Plan, 3 Phase Contrast
    • WF10x eyepieces
    • Centering telescope for accuracy
    • 400x maximum magnification

    You pay: $5,499.00

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  3. Meiji Techno

    TC-5500/5600 Inverted LED/Halogen Epi- Fluorescence Biological Microscope

      • 6V 30W LED Transmitted Koehler + CoolLed Epi Module
      • Semi APO LWD Planachromat F10X and F20X objectives
      • Voltage Sensing Power Supply
      • Equipped with Basic Blue & Green Chroma Filters

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  4. Meiji Techno

    MT6000 Epi-Fluorescence LED Microscope

      • Epi-Fluorescence microscope with 3 filters
      • 4 Semi Apochromatic objective lenses
      • Infinity Corrected Optical System
      • Computer Aided Design Frame and Optics

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