Specialty Microscopes

Specialty Microscopes include a range of professional compound and stereo microscopes for more advanced or specialist microscopy applications. For example, fluorescence microscopes, polarizing and phase contrast, gemological and engraving microscopes as well as multi-headed teaching microscopes among others.

Microscope brands include Omano, Meiji Techno and Motic.

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  1. Euromex

    iScope IOS Plan Brightfield/Darkfield Research Grade Biological Microscope

    • Perfect for live blood analysis
    • Darkfield technique similar to Zeiss and Olympus
    • Plan IOS optics, Quintuple nosepiece
    • Large 22m FOV Plan IOS Objectives

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  2. Meiji Techno

    MT5000 Live Blood Analysis Microscope

    • Binocular or optional trinocular head
    • SWH high eyepoint 10x eyepieces
    • 2.5x, 40x, 100x, Plan Semi Apo Phase Objective lenses
    • Zernike phase condenser
    • Centering telescope & green interference filter

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