Schools and Students

Stereo student microscopes include Omano , Meiji Techno and Motic brands across across all Grade levels and including college students as well as for advanced university laboratories.

  • Elementary School Student Microscopes include monocular dissecting microscopes and binocular stereo microscopes with a single or dual power operation. Affordable and simple to use, they are especially selected for younger microscopists.
  • Middle/High School Student Microscopes include classic stereo microscopes with good quality optics that are built to last.
  • University Student Microscopes include some of our classic school selections such as the Omano OM36 and OM88 right through to the advanced Meiji Techno CMO microscopes that range up to 300x magnification.

Tip: Stereo microscopes are use for viewing macro specimens that, typically are visible to the naked eye. Think insects, mosquito larvae, crystals, flowers, electronics.....

  1. Motic

    DSK-700 CMO 6X-31X Zoom Stereo Teaching Microscope

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    • Common Main Objective (CMO) Infinity optical system
    • Optical bridge with second binocular viewing head
    • Standard Zoom magnification of 6X-31X
    • Optional lenses offer 1.0X - 256X magnification
    • Super Widefield 10X eyepieces

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