Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes are also known as Dissecting or Low Power Microscopes. They are used for viewing 'macro' specimens that are opaque - light is unable to pass through. We offer three types of stereo magnification including:Dual Power (2 fixed objective lenses), Zoom Stereo microscopes with standard magnification of up to 45x and High-Resolution Stereo with common main objectives (CMO), and magnification up to 300x.

For your convenience, we have divided this large selection of microscopes into four broad applications:

Our new website also includes a range of useful filters that enable you to quickly identify the right microscope for your application. If still unsure, try using our new Microscope Selector or simply call our friendly sales team, toll free on (877) 409-3556.

  1. Omano

    OM-B10-L LED 10X or 20X Integrated Boom Stereo Microscope for PCB Repair

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    • Vivid Upright stereoscopic images
    • Solid base plate with 11.5 inch support arm
    • Integrated 3W LED gooseneck spot illuminator
    • 230mm working distance allows for easy tool use
    • Horizontal arm can pivot up or down 90 degrees if needed

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  2. Omano

    OM-20-1LP 20X Student Stereo Microscope

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    • 20x Stereo dissecting microscope
    • Top (Incident) 12V10W Halogen illumination
    • Compact 70mm working distance
    • Pole Stand for flexible viewing
    • Rack and pinion focus

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