Dino-Lite MSAA112B Diffuser for AD Series

MSAA112B Diffuser for AD Series

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MSAA112B Diffuser for AD Series


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Diffuser nozzle for Dino-Lite AD Series portable handheld microscopes.
You pay: $19.00
You pay: $19.00
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Dino-Lite MSAA112B - for Dino-Lite AD series (excluding Z & L)

Diffused illumination plays an important role in digital microscopy. The Dino-Lite line of diffusers work to soften the Dino-Lite's bright LED illumination by having it pass through the semi-translucent cone before striking the object. This has the effect of reducing shadow contrast while bringing out more surface detail. Diffused illumination also aids in greatly reducing eye fatigue during extended periods of observation.

We have a full lineup of diffusers available for your specific Dino-Lite microscope. Please reference the appropriate model number below.

MSAA111A1 - For Dino-Lite AM series (except ZT models or AM4013MT)
MSAA111A2 - For Dino-Lite ZT series
MSAA111A3 - For Dino-Lite ZTS series
MSAA111A4 - Spacing Adapter for AM413ZTS series
MSAA112B - For Dino-Lite AD Series (except "Z" or "L" models)

Proper installation of the diffuser: Place the diffuser into the clear plastic nozzle. Apply slight pressure until diffuser is secure. Please be cautious of misaligned Led lights.

Proper removal of the diffuser: While holding the microscope with one hand, grip the clear plastic nozzle of the microscope with the other hand and gently twist and remove the diffuser.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Dino-Lite
Short Description Diffuser nozzle for Dino-Lite AD Series portable handheld microscopes.
Product Weight 0.1000
Product Length 3
Product Width 2
Product Height 2
Feed - Title Dino-Lite MSAA112B Diffuser for AD Series
Feed - Description Microscope The Dino-Lite Premier AD4112NT offers 10x~50x, and 220x variable magnification with AV/TV output to TV or direct to monitor. The open-face nozzle is removable and can be replaced with the dust cap for harsher operating environments or used without any cap for flexible working distances. The microscope also features a useful magnification scroll-lock and a MicroTouch button to control illumination. The series comes with a standard open-face nozzle, along with a sealed transparent cap nozzle designed to protect the microscope from dust, debris and moisture. Eight built-in white LEDs power illumination and there is a useful magnification scroll lock for repetitive viewing at the same magnification.Microscope Features 10x~50x, 220x Variable MagnificationTV/Analog OutputRemovable Nozzle Cap640x480 ResolutionMicrotouch button for lighting controlScroll lock to fix magnificationAccessories:Carry Pouch. Recommended for professional use StandsDino-Lite offer a wide range of stands, which are recommended for all but the lowest magnification levels. For your convenience, we have selected some of the more popular stands for this microscope. Simply select one above which are offered as optional items above.Optional MSD10 Portable LCD DVRThe optional MSD10 Portable digital video recorder is the perfect companion to your AD4012NT Dino-Lite microscope. Plug it in and go anywhere in the factory, laboratory or out in the field to inspect objects, capture images and record up to 4 hours worth of video on a single charge. Package includes RCA to USB, and RCA for viewing on a computer or TV, along with an AC adapter for ultimate versatility. Simply select prior to checkout. Dino-Lite AD4112NT Demonstration Video
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