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Omano Gram Stains Kit

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  • Fast Grams Differentiation
  • 15ml Huckers Crystal Violet Stain
  • 15ml Gram's Iodine Stain

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  • Omano OMS-Gram Stain Kit

Gram’s stain is one of the most frequently used, first step, processes to identify bacteria – used daily in hospitals. It quickly and cost effectively divides bacteria into one of two types: Gram positive or Gram negative. Once differentiated, further relevant tests help determine the precise bacteria.

Kit includes:

15ml Hucker's Crystal Violet
15ml Gram's Iodine Stain
30ml Acetone Alcohol Solution
15ml Safranin O
50 Blank Slides
100 Cover Slips
Non-Latex Gloves (Pair)
Information Sheet

The Gram's Stain process is based on Hans Christian Gram's discovery that bacteria are divided into two groups: those that retain a stain (Gram positive) and those that do not (Gram negative). This process involves staining a sample of bacteria on a slide with Hucker's Crystal Violet and then fixing it with iodine solution.

Solvent (acetone-alcohol) is then applied in order to wash out (de-colorize) the Crystal Violet from Gram negative cells. The Gram positive cells will retain the Crystal Violet stain. After quickly rinsing in water, Safranin O is applied to the sample in order to re-colorize the Gram negative cells; this final step in order to provides greater contrast in the Gram negative cells and make them easier to see.

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Gram Stains Kit
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • Fast Grams Differentiation
  • 15ml Huckers Crystal Violet Stain
  • 15ml Gram's Iodine Stain
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