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Omano Owl Pellet Education Kit

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Examining owl pellets is a memorable and fascinating way to learn about microscopy and the eating habits of raptors - birds of prey such as owls, hawks and eagles.

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  • Omano OMX-OWLK Owl Pellet Kit
  • Owl Pellet Kit Dissection
  • Owl Pellet Bone Chart

Owl pellets are the indigestible parts of an owl's meal that the owl regurgitates. They include fur, feathers and bones since the owl swallows its meal whole. The pellets are expelled after the meal. Heat sterilized at 280°F to kill any bacteria.

Use the two included dissection sticks to unravel what the owl ate and identify the bones with the included bone identification chart. Also includes instructions on how to explore the owl pellet and a dichotomous instruction sheet to help identify the type of animal to which the bones belong.

Kit Contents: 1 Owl Pellet, 2 dissection sticks, 1 Bone Chart, 1 Instruction Sheet.

Caution: Small parts - Choking hazard. Not to be used by children under 5 years of age.

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Owl Pellet Education Kit
Brand Omano
Short Description Examining owl pellets is a memorable and fascinating way to learn about microscopy and the eating habits of raptors - birds of prey such as owls, hawks and eagles.
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