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Kids Microscopes

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Compound microscopes for kids range from sub-$100 monocular starter microscopes to $100-$200 microscopes that will last a lifetime.

All our Kids Microscopes are professionally selected to ensure an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for young microscopists. While we understand a parent's desire not to spend a lot on a starter microscope, the plain fact is that a proper compound microscope is more likely to engage the young mind where a poor microscope will have the opposite effect

For those interested in an initial foray into microscopy, the Omano OM115-LD or Omano OM116L compound microscopes are good starting points although we prefer the OM116L as being more robust with better optics. The advantage of the OM115-LD is that it includes a top light that enables it to operate as a quasi dissecting microscope as well.

For a more lasting experience, we recommend the Omano OM136. Until the recession hit, it has been our best selling kids microscope. Good optics, solid construction, solid details, all backed by a lifetime limited warranty as testament to its quality.

During the recession, we introduced the Omano OM118 Series. They have similar optics to the OM136 (and OM36) but with a lighter industrial design. They carry 5 year warranties.

For parents interested in joining in, the Omano OMTM-85 is a dual-headed monocular microscopes that enables two people to view the specimen simultaneously.


Finally, turn any microscope into a digital microscope by purchasing a digital microscope camera.

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