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Dino-Lite MS35B-MS15X Package

$ 268.00


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  • Industrial pole stand with XY stage & rotating table
  • Provides fine movement along X and Y axis
  • 360-degree rotating table for flexible positioning
  • Holster mount pivots 80 degrees for inclined viewing
  • Vernier control for precise vertical focusing

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MS35B Versatile Table Top Stand with 8" WD   $99.00
MS15X-S1 XY Base with Rotating Stage   $169.00

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Stand: MS35B Versatile Table Top Stand with 8" WD

Attachment: MS15X-S1 XY Base with Rotating Stage

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  • Dino-Lite MS35B-MS15X Package

MS35B Stand

The Dino-Lite's MS35B-MS15X stand combines an MS35B pole stand with an XY stage with rotating table for 360º positioning. The MS35B pole stand offers up to 8" of vertical working distance while the removable XY stand provides precision movement.

The stand includes a grip holster which fastens to a focus block by a ball-and-socket joint and pivots through 80º for flexible viewing angles. The focus block offers rack and pinion action and 1.0" of vertical movement to fine-tune your image into sharp focus. The stand is constructed of durable stainless steel and lightweight recycled aluminum, making it an ideal choice for lab work, pcb inspections and industrial assembly line quality check stations.

MS15X-S1 Rotating Base

  • X-Y Base movement of 1.5" x 1.25"
  • Platform stage rotates 360 degrees
  • Precision-machined for smooth, controlled movement
  • Compact yet effective at 5" x 6" x 3"

The MS15X-S1is a popular addition to our stable of Dino-Lite accessories and a great companion to the MS35B. It's specifically designed for applications requiring precise movement and control. The frame, guide rails and bearing assemblies are precision-machined for effortless movement across the full 1.5" x 1.25" X-Y range of motion.

As an added convenience, each axis is graduated in millimeters to aid in making minute adjustments in any direction on the horizontal plane. The 2-inch diameter turntable is built for inspecting circuit chips, resistors and small circuit boards. The turntable is machined for smooth, balanced movement through 360 degrees of rotation, enabling detailed analysis from multiple perspectives.

The degree of refinement found in this precision instrument makes it ideally suited for years of performance in the forensics laboratory, counterfeit inspection, medical research, law enforcement, PCB inspection or any other application involving precision imaging and observation.

Dino-Lite MS15X-S1 Demonstration Video

Dino-Lite MS35B Demonstration Video


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  • MS35B Versatile Table Top Stand with 8" WD
    Brand Dino-Lite
    SKU MS35B
    Feed - Title Digital Microscope Stand Dino-Lite MS35B Versatile Table Top Stand with 10" WD
    Feed - Description Microscope The AM7915MZTL is the newly-introduced, long-working-distance flagship of the Edge series lineup, with 5x-140x continuous zoom magnification, Extended Depth of Field, Extended Dynamic Range and Automatic Magnification Readout. This new model also showcases Flexible-LED-Controlled illumination. From within the software, the FLC maximizes illumination flexibility by offering independent on/off control to the four LED quadrants in addition to the 6-levels of intensity adjustment capability. Standard features include 5.0 MP resolution, adjustable polarized light and a tough aluminum shell for harsh operating environments. The AM7915MZTL also includes measuring ability and the useful MicroTouch image capture button, magnification scroll lock and USB 2.0 output. Still and live video capture is standard. The new sensor offers greatly enhanced image quality and sharpness with less aberration and vignetting while another innovation is adjustable illumination. All Edge Series microscopes include six interchangeable nozzle caps for greater flexibility including: open cap, dust cap, diffuser cap, Extended Working Distance cap, oblique lighting cap and contact cap. The microscope is PC-only, with included measuring software and a 2 year warranty. Microscope Features State-of-the-art 5.0MP color imaging sensorExtended Depth of Field for vertical imagingExtended Dynamic Range for reduced-glare imagingAutomatic Magnification Readout5x-140x full-range zoom magnificationFlexible-LED-Control (FLC)Built-in adjustable polarization ringAluminum alloy casing for industrial protectionNot Mac CompatibleUSB 2.0Recommended for professional use2 Year WarrantyAccessories: Software CD, Calibration Slide, Interchangeable Nozzles, Carry PouchStandsDino-Lite offer a wide range of stands, which are recommended for all but the lowest magnification levels. For your convenience, we have selected some of the more popular stands for this microscope. Simply select one above which are offered as optional items above.SoftwareThis Dino-Lite microscope includes software for PC only (DinoCapture 2.0) and is compatible through the latest version of Windows. The software is robust and reliable with some great features as follows: image capture, storage and email, live and time lapse video (up to 30fps), annotation, geotagging, full screen capability, auto and manual exposure control, picture within picture zoom (magnifier) and more. Above all the color resolution is excellent due to fixed white-balance calibration which is set at the factory using a jeweler's color balance.FREE DinoVision Software There is also additional, free software available for download: DinoVision enables easy image drag-and-drop, split, overlay and comparison, which has proven useful for Forensic Scientists and more sophisticated users where image manipulation is important. Dino-Lite Edge AM7915 Series HighlightsDino-Lite 5.0MP Edge Series
    Feed - Custom Label 1 <100
    Best Seller Yes
    Stand Features Portable
    Base Width 5
    Base Depth 8
    Post Height 12

  • MS15X-S1 XY Base with Rotating Stage
    Brand Dino-Lite
    SKU MS15X-S1
    Feed - Title Dino-Lite MS15X-S1 XY Base with Rotating Stage
    Feed - Description MS35B StandThe Dino-Lite's MS35B-MS15X stand combines an MS35B pole stand with an XY stage with rotating table for 360
    Feed - Custom Label 1 100-500