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Omano C-Mount Adapter 0.35X for Omano OM3360TL

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  • 0.35X C-Mount Adapter For OM3360TL
  • Focusable with enhanced FOV
  • Designed for OCS 1.3MP digital camera

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  • OMCM-3360T C-Mount adapter 0.3X

0.35X C-Mount Adapter For OM3360TL. Replaces standard Optixcam 0.5X camera adapter and provides industry standard, focusable C-mount (male), compatible with Omano OM3360TL trinocular microscope and all standard C-mount imaging devices. Integral focus control ring allows parfocal adjustment.

Ideal FOV for 1/3 inch sensor and Optixcam OCS 1.3 MP digital camera.

NOTE: Fits OM3360TL model only. This product is not compatible with the OM2300 binocular zoom stereo microscope or with any other Omano zoom stereo stereoscope.

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C-Mount Adapter 0.35X for Omano OM3360TL
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • 0.35X C-Mount Adapter For OM3360TL
  • Focusable with enhanced FOV
  • Designed for OCS 1.3MP digital camera
Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime Warranty
Notes Does not fit Binocular
Feed - Title Omano C-Mount Adapter 0.35X for OM3360TL
Feed - Description The new OM3360 is the latest addition to Omano's popular line of stereo microscopes. With top of the range optics that are comparable to the Omano OM99, the Omano OM3360 offers exceptional value for this level of optical clarity. The microscope includes 6.7X-45X zoom magnification, wF10x/22 widefield eyepieces and extra powerful, long-life, dual-LED illumination. The top incident light is 5W while the lower transmitted light provides a whopping 9W illumination. Designed for university and professional use, it is a thoroughly modern stereo microscope that offers excellent value compared to its Olympus cousins.OpticsThe objective lenses are coated Achromats with 6.7X-45X parfocal zoom range and deliver sharp, 3-dimensional upright images to WF10X eyepieces. Dual diopters, an interpupilliary adjustment range of 50mm-75mm and eyeguards ensure glare-free, comfortable viewing. The small angle convergence of the Greenough optical system ensures excellent image flatness and depth of focus. The head is inclined at a comfortable 45 degrees, rotates through 360 degrees and is available in binocular or trinocular version when image documentation is desired.Focus & IlluminationThe OM3360 takes full advantage of advanced LED technology to deliver clean, high-intensity illumination with low power consumption and exceptional service live. Incident illumination is 5W LED array and transmitted illumination is from 9W LED array, providing shadow-free lighting for all types of routine industrial and life science applications.StandThe wide ergonomic base includes a robust, 280mm vertical post and standard working distance of 100mm, allowing optimal space for sample viewing and manipulation. Optional Barlow lenses add welcome versatility through greater working distance or magnification as required. An included safety collar provides additional security, stability and protection against unwanted movement.AccessoriesRubber eyeguards, clear glass stage plate, vinyl dust cover, manual.Base measurements: 11.5 inches wide, 12 inches deep, 2.25 inches thick. vertical post is 13.5 inches tall. Wt. 16 lb.
Feed - Custom Label 1 100-500
Compatible With OM99T