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Omano C-Mount Adapter 0.5X for Omano OM2300ST New (Dovetail Mount)

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SKU: OMCM-2300ST-05X

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  • 0.5X C-Mount Adapter For OM2300ST
  • Focusable with enhanced FOV
  • Designed for OCS 3.0, 5.0 and 10.0MP digital cameras

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  • Omano OMCM-2300ST-05X C-mount Adapter

0.5X C-Mount Adapter For OM2300ST. Replaces standard Optixcam 0.5X camera adapter and provides industry standard, focusable C-mount (male), compatible with Omano OM2300ST trinocular microscope and all standard C-mount imaging devices. Integral focus control ring allows parfocal adjustment.

Ideal FOV for 1/2 inch sensor and Optixcam OCS 3.0, 5.0 and 10.0 MP digital cameras.

NOTE: This product is not compatible with the older series OM2300S-T (threaded mount), nor will it fit the OM2300 binocular or any other Omano stereoscope. Fits current version OM2300ST model only.

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C-Mount Adapter 0.5X for Omano OM2300ST New (Dovetail Mount)
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • 0.5X C-Mount Adapter For OM2300ST
  • Focusable with enhanced FOV
  • Designed for OCS 3.0, 5.0 and 10.0MP digital cameras
Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime Warranty
Notes Does not fit Binocular
Feed - Title Omano C-Mount Adapter 0.5X for OM2300ST New (Dovetail Mount)
Feed - Description The OM2300S-GX4 offers our best value boom stereo microscope package. It includes the upgraded and popular OM2300S 7x-45x zoom stereo microscope head, the GX4 stand plus an 8W fluorescent ring light and 0.5x auxiliary barlow lens for greater working distance. In other words, crisp, clear optics, a solid universal stand and useful accessories. Lifetime Limited Warranty.OpticsThe OM2300S zoom stereo microscope head has become our de facto, 'Go To' head for our industrial inspection customers. Upgraded in 2010, but with no increase in price, the 2300S provides a solid design with crisp, clean optics beyond our expectations at this price level. The 7X-45X zoom range (6.4:1) is parfocal with dual diopters integrated into the oculars. Interpupillay adjustment range is 55mm-75mm. Standard working distance is 4.5" which increases to 6.5" with the addition of 0.5x auxiliary barlow lens. Three alternative barlows are available: 0.75x, 1.5x and 2.0x. WF10X eyepieces and eyeguards are included. Available in binocular or trinocular format. Trinocular includes a 23.2mm photo tube. NOTE: When the beam-splitter lever is engaged in the OM2300S-Trincular, 80% of the light from the left optical path is directed to the camera port. The image can still be viewed through both eyepieces while the camera is in use. Focus & IlluminationRack and pinion focus includes dual right and left hand controls for convenience. A 8W fluorescent ring light for shadow-free illumination is included in the price and can be upgraded to LED or other light when adding the microscope to your shopping cart.StandThe GX4 is sold exclusively as a package with this microscope system. It is a single arm stand that weighs 43lbs with a 21" reach including the focus block. The base plate measures 9" x 9" and the pole is 15" tall. For safety, a locking collar is included to provide double support to the boom arm. Note: The NH1080 and CX3 cameras require the OCS-SK2-CA037X C-mount adapter to connect to this Omano microscope.Accessories8W fluorescent ring light, 0.5x barlow lens, eyeguards, dust cover, manualAssembly Video
Feed - Custom Label 1 100-500
Compatible With OM99T